bangishotyou's best cheap smartphones holiday gift guide (UPDATED)

That’s right, folks, to make up for the lack of posts over the past month or so I’m kicking this one off with a bang and giving you a pic of a ferret in a stocking right off the bat. But seriously this one was a bit overdue and I hadn’t done one of these in a few years and after seeing that horrible post Giz put out… »Today 11:32am11/24/15 11:32am


Recommendations for a $500 monitor by the end of the day?

I’m looking for a ~$500 monitor that will take advantage of whatever capabilities my early 2015 (oops, it’s a mid 2014 13 inch Retina) MacBook Pro has to offer and otherwise not make my eyes bleed when I stare at it all day. My current setup is some unnamed Dell monitor that I picked up somewhere when someone was done… »Yesterday 11:01am11/23/15 11:01am

Grab a plate and join us in the Friday Open Thread

Welcome to your Friday Open Thread at Hackerspace. It’s the last Friday before Thanksgiving and I am wondering how many people here are traveling home. I will be flying up on Thursday morning on what is a thankfully short flight to Maine, land of lobster, LL Bean and my family. I’m not shopping on Black Friday but… »Friday 7:05am11/20/15 7:05am

So You Want to Grow Your Own Pot

So you live in a state or other area where marijuana is a legal recreational drug or are a patient or caregiver in a place where medical is allowed? Just like many other things in your life, you think why pay someone else (a dispensary) when you can DIY... Think this over, because growing weed is hard growing good… »11/12/15 1:35pm11/12/15 1:35pm