Update: Lollipop WiFi issues

Update: Last chat with LG pretty much confirmed that it’s a kernel issue. Rep said the $50 software repair they offered was to downgrade my phone to kitkat, which uh and then what happens when I accept the update again? And another rep said LG is pretty much just waiting on Google to sort it out in the next lollipop… » 7/03/15 6:42pm Friday 6:42pm

Share your Subblog in the Cross Thread

‘ello one and all and welcome to the very weekly Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Odeck, Tay, Oppo, Backtalk, Clashtalk, and Powder Room cross thread. Last week, Lexador made the very excellent suggestion that I shoud ask ya’ll to recommend articles from your corner of the kinjaverse that you think are worth a… » 7/02/15 11:22am Thursday 11:22am

Website Advice Wanted

I’m starting a new website and while I’ve always been satisfied with Wordpress, this time around I’m looking for a responsive template (no coding) that will also have integrated ecommerce. I currently have a website and a separate Square marketplace, but I want everything in one place. I also want to be able to buy… » 6/30/15 12:27pm 6/30/15 12:27pm

Attention, LA people

Rosie the Riveter lives on! And not just the iconic poster of Rosie — the archetype who represented all the women who kept America’s manufacturing sector afloat when the men went off to fight in World War II — but today’s female steel workers. A new exhibit at Los Angeles’ Union Station features 15 pictures of female…

» 6/21/15 3:40pm 6/21/15 3:40pm

Play games in the cross thread

Hello happy people and tell me what you’re up to on this fine fine day. I’ve been trying to post the cross thread using a tablet, which has been working out terribly cause mobile kinja is not terribly usable. Also, Slaybelle is doing a round up of contacting sublog mods, so please check out that post if you’ve got… » 6/18/15 11:11am 6/18/15 11:11am