a toggle-open-toggle-closed script

A while ago I wrote an ahk script that toggles open a dictionary text file which is used to improve the pronunciation abilities of a text-to-speech program that I use. The same key combo opens the file for changes, saves the edits and closes the file.

The lingering problem was that often, the script would close down…


Facebook's New Mid-Video Ads

Apparently, in a further attempt to monetize ad revenue, Facebook is slowly implementing a rollout of mid-video ads. Now, 15 seconds or so +/- into whatever video you’re watching will give you an inserted ad. Not everyone at this point is seeing them, but you will eventually. You will have no choice but to watch the…


Registry Editor "Favorites"

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this in the past. Just that I don’t know what search terms to use in order to get Google to dig it up.

This involves the Windows 7 Registry editor and its list of Favorites that you can use to bookmark settings that you might want to revisit. I do that a lot.

You can see the list with the key…