Nine Things Your Mechanic Wants You To Know

I’ve been working on cars professionally for the better part of ten years and in that time I’ve encountered a whole host of interesting people and situations.Many of which would have gone easier for myself and my customers if they knew a few of the “secrets” I’m about to tell you.… » 6/01/15 6:43pm Today 6:43pm

Friendly Notice: Using Hola VPN? Stop doing so ASAP. (Updated!)

This one’s going up because I know some people here on the Odeck use Hola (the Firefox or Chrome extensions for it at least) to watch content that is otherwise blocked to them because of geographical restrictions. » 6/01/15 1:50pm Today 1:50pm

Distance Learning - Successful With Discipline

Second semester completed. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to write here, but man, this semester has been busy. For those just joining that don’t remember my earlier posts, I’m getting a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Security from Western Governors University, a non-profit school offering online… » 5/31/15 7:56am Yesterday 7:56am

Dive Into the Friday Open Thread

Hello happy lifehacker readers and random denizens of the kinjaverse (the rickety publishing platform on which this house of cards is built). How are ya’ll doing this week? Any cool projects? Seeking advise on how to deal with the world? Or just how to sort out your kitchen? Find something cool? Interesting? Fun?… » 5/29/15 5:19am Friday 5:19am

36 Ways to Promote Your Own Book

A James Michener you are not, although you may be in any number of stages of authorship (or maybe not), but seriously haven’t you ever thought about writing your own book? I did at least a dozen times and even have one manuscript finished….but I kind of not really sure whether it’s worth to see the world or not.
» 5/28/15 3:35am Thursday 3:35am

SlickRun: A Free Floating Command Line Utility For Windows

If you’re a user of the launcher called SlickRun, or if you’d like to try it, newer releases are available, as of Dec 2014. There are two versions, one for 32bit, the other for x64.

Imo, SR has always been the launcher to use, though others like Launchy, Executor, and “FARR” have come and gone from my system.

It comes… » 5/27/15 2:32am Wednesday 2:32am

Why Chrome Uses So Much Freaking RAM

Chrome may be the best browser around, but it eats up your PC’s RAM like turkey on Thanksgiving. If you’ve ever looked at your task manager, you’ve probably flipped out at the sheer number of Chrome processes and the memory they hog. Here’s why Chrome uses so much RAM, and how to curb its gluttony. » 5/21/15 5:02pm 5/21/15 5:02pm

Re: Reader-Run Subdomains

In 2013, when Gawker Media sites moved to the new Kinja platform, a set of reader forums—including Groupthink on Jezebel, Observation Deck on io9, and Opposite Lock on Jalopnik—moved with them. Other reader sites sprang up on the same model. The result was a group of reader-run sites on Gawker Media website domains,… » 5/21/15 3:05pm 5/21/15 3:05pm

Awesome Free Biz Tools You Probably Didn’t Know About

Owning a business in the 21st century is, as Dickens put it, “the best of times and the worst of times.” It is the “best of times” because e-commerce has opened up the entire world to wanna-be entrepreneurs or pretty much anyone able to set up a website, list some products (not necessarily own) and add a checkout.
» 5/21/15 2:16am 5/21/15 2:16am