Hello! Does anybody know of dock management software/hacks that allow you to have multiple saved docks that you can swap for one another? Or something that would allow you to have a different dock in each space? To be clear, I want to display only one dock at a time, so as to save screen space. I switch between… »8/29/15 1:29pmSaturday 1:29pm

Everybody's Working For The Weekend in the Friday Open Thread

Welcome to the weekly open thread where Lifehacker (and Hackerspace) readers share tips & tricks, seek advice, or just stop by to say “hello” and talk about whatever’s going on. Working on a project, or got any fun weekend plans you want to share? This is the place for that. »8/28/15 6:00am8/28/15 6:00am

Autohotkey - Exit Most Any App, Dialog, Folder, Tab, with a Long Press of the ESC Key

I’ve shown this script around before. I should probably just give it up. But you know how it is, you get in the mood for sharing, and later on, much later on, you want to re-share, coz you’re a geek playing with lines of code, and you’re a social geek, too. So here’s an ahk script.

It’ll get you out of most anything… »8/20/15 3:44pm8/20/15 3:44pm