Hello! Does anybody know of dock management software/hacks that allow you to have multiple saved docks that you can swap for one another? Or something that would allow you to have a different dock in each space? To be clear, I want to display only one dock at a time, so as to save screen space. I switch between… » 8/29/15 1:29pm Saturday 1:29pm

Everybody's Working For The Weekend in the Friday Open Thread

Welcome to the weekly open thread where Lifehacker (and Hackerspace) readers share tips & tricks, seek advice, or just stop by to say “hello” and talk about whatever’s going on. Working on a project, or got any fun weekend plans you want to share? This is the place for that. » 8/28/15 6:00am Friday 6:00am

Best Gift Ideas For An Insanely Cool Friend  

The person you want to please with a gift knew about upcoming artists Ryn Weaver, The Districts, and Def Loaf months before you heard about them. This epitome of coolness sports the clothes, footwear, and accessories that will be highlighted on the runways next season. Even before an obscure joint becomes a big hit,… » 8/25/15 5:37am 8/25/15 5:37am

Questions About Disabling Updates on Windows 10 Home

I have some Windows 10 questions concerning Windows Update on the Home version. I keep reading and hearing that you can’t fend off the updates for long. But here is something I’m trying, just for now, and not something I recommend either.

I have the Windows Update service stopped and Disabled, as well as Background… » 8/21/15 1:42pm 8/21/15 1:42pm

Autohotkey - Exit Most Any App, Dialog, Folder, Tab, with a Long Press of the ESC Key

I’ve shown this script around before. I should probably just give it up. But you know how it is, you get in the mood for sharing, and later on, much later on, you want to re-share, coz you’re a geek playing with lines of code, and you’re a social geek, too. So here’s an ahk script.

It’ll get you out of most anything… » 8/20/15 3:44pm 8/20/15 3:44pm

Exit a CMD Window with a Batch File

If you’re in a cmd window and you’re too tired and lazy to type “exit”, use this in a batch instead:

@echo off

^^ I named it “x.bat” but it could be anything, so long as it’s no more than one letter long. So... you’d type “x” (or whatever) and then the enter key. You wouldn’t believe how this speeds things up,… » 8/17/15 3:19pm 8/17/15 3:19pm