Welcome to the first overdue Open Thread of July! Do you know what day it is? *say in Rebecca Black’s voice* Yeah-ah-ah! It’s Friday, Friday! Partyin’! Partyin’! Fun, fun, fun, fun! Let’s throw a GIF party!

First things first, I would like to take a moment to welcome a new Hackerspace author, Maria Pohrebna. Welcome aboard! :)


Blimey, Hackerspace was busy! Here are all the posts from the past two weeks. They may come in handy for you.

For those unable to find the indicator light on the caps lock key, Script Kiddie Moon found a way to toggle onscreen indicator in Windows 10.

Is it me or is it becoming increasingly laborious to manually operate a personal computer? For those unable to find the power button on the display, Moon, the One, found a way to turn off the monitor with a desktop shortcut in Windows 10.

If the caps lock indicator light carked it, Gabriel Shear’s second choice of candidate, Moon, has instructions to enable a beep tone for the key.

The ghost of Donatello had been dethroned by none other than our very own Moon! He proudly shares his latest Lego masterpiece with the community.

Home brewing pundit Rob E shares a carbonation temperature chart detailing how to serve draught beer for “Kegging Day”. Who knows when it is observed.

If you’re tired of being greeted by pissed blokes sporting fedoras at pubs, Tony Toreto came to the rescue! He recommends using dating apps. Yes, more apps to go along with Blendr, Tinder, OKCupid and Grindr on your smartphone.

Die Hard 4,0's main antagonist Moon had a change of heart, helping those with visual impairments with instructions to enhance the contrast of the onscreen magnifier in Windows 10.

Having children with your fedora-wearing partner comes with a heavy dose of responsibility. Tony Toreto recommends some apps that monitor your children as they explore the trove of information that is the Internet.

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It’s good to be home. My family, my parents and parents-in-law and I returned from an adventurous two-week road trip. We flew to Deutschland to visit my family. The German parliament spontaneously legalised equal marriage while we slept a mere 12 km from the Reichstag building. Ah ja, das riecht nach Sieg. We drove up to our holiday house in the northernmost part of Norway for a small family reunion. There the sun wouldn’t dare touch the horizon. It was cold but sunny at 02:00 in the morning. We drove down to Finland to visit my husband’s family. We drove down to St. Petersburg and then Moscow as an early birthday gift for my eldest son. My family and I had to fly home, so my parents took our family car back to Deutschland. Upon arrival we were cheerfully greeted by heavy snow. Our last leg of the flight was delayed for hours. The airport was warm, so no one had a reason to whinge. Although we spent 1-3 days in each destination, we still had a brilliant time!


So how is your summer or winter going so far? Feel free to post GIFs or speak what is on your mind.

Have a brilliant weekend! Cheers! :)