Can two people fall in love without knowing what the other looks like?

It’s an unusual thought, but not impossible. With social media playing such a large role in so many of our lives, it’s easy to connect with people in places you’ve never even been to. You might even connect with someone who makes your heart skip a beat. But how important is physical attraction in falling in love?

Around this time last year, a New York Times article titled “Quiz: The 36 Questions That Lead To Love” went viral. The article listed 36 questions pulled from a 1997 study by Dr. Arthur Aron that tested whether an accelerated sense of closeness could be achieved. The questions were designed to probe participants to offer their partners personal details about their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The idea was that if two perfect strangers engaged in such an intimate conversation, their feelings of closeness could progress at a faster pace than regular relationships.

Venngage decided to adapt the study to incorporate 21st century communication and make an infographic with the results. Participants asked each other the same 36 questions, but their conversations took place entirely through text message. Participants had no idea what their partner looked like until after the study was completed and they had the option of exchanging contact information. This meant that any initial attraction or curiosity they felt would be entirely through their written words.

You can read the full article here.

Here are the study’s results: