Kiss, fondle, thrust and finish! Does this sound like your typical sex routine? Many couples, who are creatures of habit, stick to the usual play cycles, but are often too busy (or lazy) to learn new tricks. To get out of this dull sex spell, try expanding your bag of tricks or toys. Do you even have a goodie drawer? What’s in it? If your typical sex stash comprises of some old condoms and drugstore lube, you’re probably in serious need of a sex life makeover. Let’s begin!

Go Toy Shopping

Like a couple of kids at Toys “R” Us—but with cash to spend—take a trip to the sex shop for a low-key shopping trip. The salespeople are usually super friendly and helpful when assisting you to find the right tools to amp up your sex routine. They offer a warm easy-going vibe, allowing you to feel comfortable discussing your sexual needs and picking out some new treats.


Sexual health expert, Bobby Box suggests trying the Frisky Ripples Finger Bang in his recent article, “Women’s Sex Toys”. The finger puppet basically turns your digit into the ultimate silicone vibrator (with toe-curling ribbing throughout), taking your solo exploits to the next level.” It makes a reliable foreplay toy that lets you perform the same actions you love, only better.


Yet, maybe you prefer a toy that heats things up during the main event? In that case, you can try the All Star Enhancer Cock and Ball Ring. It’s a rubber loop that hugs his shaft to make it harder and bigger, delaying and intensifying the orgasm until he bursts.

Spice up your Lube

Generic lubes put you into that category of boring coupes who watch the “Price is Right” and collect coupons. Lame. To really spice things up, become more interested in the types of lubes you’re using. You’ll be surprised to know how many different scents, textures and tastes are out there! Take time to browse the brands that get your libido flowing, creating better sex just from finding the right kind of slippage. Who knew?


The Durex Play Very Cherry Lubricant is a popular go-to for its fruity flavor. Turning oral sex from a job to a dessert, it’ll be your favorite sex game-changer. With its delicious taste and dewy texture, the hardest part is deciding where to use it first.


If you currently don’t use lube at all, you should start. There are many reasons why lube is actually a better and safer approach to sex; it prevents pain, discomfort and lack of arousal. It also comes in handy for those nights where you’re just not in the mood, causing those ladyregions to dry up like an uninviting guard dog. Sex becomes nearly impossible or if attempted, doesn’t feel very pleasurable. In this situation, lube is needed to create moisture and warmth, helping couples to dive in smoothly.

Visit the Backyard

When looking for a new adventure, there’s always some fun in store in your own backyard. Yes, we’re talking about anal sex. Many couples are often intimidated to explore the booty region because of its less than glamorous reputation. Okay, understandable. But if you forget about all the scary urban myths, anal play is actually a wonderful and liberating alternative.

Butt plugs are a great way to warm up the downstairs area before opening the door. Yet, for ladies who still feel a bit squeamish about the idea—not to worry because they do come in pink! Cute and non-threatening, you can find butt plugs in any size, shape or color.


For straight men, on the other hand, anal is a whole different ball game. As Bobby Box explains in his article, “Anal Sex”, most guys aren’t aware that their G-Spot is actually located in their prostate (in the butt). Lately, more guys seem to be coming around to the idea of butt stuff. So, if you can abandon your jockey cliché of up-the-butt-phobia than you’ll open the gates to much grander spectacles.

Pre-Game Cuddle Session

As ordinary as it sounds, cuddling and canoodling before game-time is important to great sex. Just like an athlete who needs to warm up before kickoff, couples also need time to get their juices flowing before playtime. As the anticipation rises, you’ll both start the action with a burst full of mojo.


During your cuddle, take the time to caress and kiss one another to create a stronger sensation of closeness. When this feeling is created, barriers break down, allowing both of you to become more sexually free.


Many types of intimacy are effective: a gentle touch, eye contact or some soothing words all help create the right atmosphere. But in order for the magic to happen, it has to feel natural. Our culture is overloaded with unrealistic depictions of sex and intimacy, from overdone movie romances to idealized fairytales, which create highly exaggerated expectations about how to create a special moment. You need to ignore these frames of fiction and just stick to your own style of intimacy. Don’t force it.

Try Soft Core Bondage

For newbies to the BDSM scene, take baby steps toward trying some new moves. Beginners usually start out with the basics such as blindfolds and handcuffs—you know, the usual kinky stuff. These props allow you to take on the role as either the dominator and the submitter, creating a hot roleplay scenario to increase the excitement. It makes the difference between the couples who actually have a steamy sex life and the ones who went to see “50 Shades of Grey” and now think they’re adventurous.


The steamy sex magazine, “Intimate Village” recommends the Under The Bed Restraint System will add some sizzle between the sheets. The restraint system comes with a total of four wrist and ankle cuffs so you can strap your partner’s arms and legs to the bed! When finished, it can be packaged up easily and slipped under your mattress for easy access whenever you want it.


Ultimately, just because you switch positions once or twice a week, doesn’t mean you’re fun in the sac. Making a real upgrade to your sex life means kicking away all your usual habits and taking some risks. Once things get less predictable, the real ride begins—hold on tight!