Ever wanted to show your friends or colleagues that you have the writing chops to be published on the front page of the New York Times website? How about a photo of you being caught steeling cookies from a celebrity plastered over TMZ's website? These things are now yours to obtain by simply using a tool built into Google Chrome called "Inspect Element".

Disclaimer: This will all disappear the moment you refresh the page you are editing. Also I am not technically versed in the correct terminology for these advanced features, so bear with me if I use the wrong verbiage.


Step 1: Find the article or blog post you would like to edit. This one is easy, find an article with a lot of pictures for a picture heavy "edit", or find an article with text heavy paragraphs for a more written "edit".

Step 2: Now that you have the article selected, right click the title of that article and select "Inspect Element" from the menu. (See below)

Step 3: A pop-up window will appear on the bottom of the page, and highlighted inside the popup, in blue, will be a large "element" that contains the title.

Step 4: Double click on the title, and select the backspace or delete key on your keyboard. As you can see in the second image, the title space is now empty.

Step 5: Now you will type whatever you wish into this area to create the new title of the article, the press the enter key on your keyboard.

Step 6: To further edit your selected article, you can change the articles picture as well. All you will need is a replacement picture of your choice. You will need the direct link to the image you wish to use.

Step 7: As with the title earlier, you will now right click on the main image on your articles page. Then you will again, select "Inspect Element". Highlight the area that contains a long image link of .jpg at the end of it and double click on it.

Here is the selected image URL below:

Step 8: Now simply paste into the same section the picture URL you found earlier, and press enter.

Step 9: Now to change the text of the actual article, right click and select "Inspect Element" on the main body of text in the article.

Step 10: Sometimes you may need to press the tiny drop down arrow to get the actual element you need, but after expanding the section you will have the needed element open.

Step 11: Continue to edit the article as much as you want. Have fun making distinguished websites seem ludicrous.


You can also edit celebrities' Facebook Posts, Profile Pictures of any friend/celebrity, and even mess around with regular website. Just remember that the moment you refresh the page, your changes will disappear.