So, as some of you probably know, writer for Lifehacker Melanie Pinola is leaving to go work for another blog.

I’ve been a fan for a while. She’s been on LH for a long time. Like others around the Gawker network, she’s parting ways from a place she helped make. Here are some of the postings she has done, just over the last year or so, as she has a huge catalog, as a tribute.

I now buy the Costco size of Arm & Hammer to add to my loads.

Tip #4 is the one that reassured me I was okay in how I make my burgers.

I loved this one, just because I love food cooked correctly in woks.

This was so easy to understand.

I’ve been thinking about the garage ever since I read this one. Even last night, I came up with an idea for a workbench from an old desk I have that is collecting dust. Oh, this weekend is either going to make my house so damn badass, or I’m going to be yelled at by the wife for fucking up too many things.

Here are some other things she put together that you should check out.

Fare thee well, mighty Pinola. Fare thee well.