This is my latest idea of a home screen for Nexus 7 tablet. Just showing for showing's sake. I like the look of screen2 better. I could probably have everything on screen2, but it might lose the minimalist appeal it has for me right now. Icon placement and matching are still an issue on screen1, but mostly I just let it alone.

Hope you like it, or some part of it. If anyone wants to know more about the widgets and paper, let me know.

It seems to me the icons/widgets could use some explanation. On screen1, top left to right, are:

WAVE Recorder

link for WAVE Recorder

On the bottom left corner, is a Slider Widget for screen brightness.

Bottom right, is the widget for Wifi Toggle.

The wallpaper for both screens is based on a pic I took of snowbanks next to my street. I played around with layers and dimensions until it got to be something more impressionist and less boring/everyday.

The top left of screen2 has the Crystal Black Clock Widget

To the right, is Circle Battery Widget

On either side, at bottom-screen, are two more Slider Widgets, one for media volume, the other for overall system volume. Between them, is JetAudio. I used the most minimal widget that it offers.