Remove Your Car's Headrests to Open Up Conversation During a Group Road Trip

Having conversations with people in the back seat can be somewhat cumbersome during a road trip. However, by removing all of the headrests, it opens up the car's interior to encourage more conversation between all four passengers, where neither the front or back of the car feels secluded.

If you watch movies or TV shows closely, you'll even notice that they do this during scenes where there are four people in a car all conversing with one another. Of course, it's mostly a visual effect in this case, so as not to block out any actor's/actress's face, but it also provides the illusion that there's no front seat/back seat segregation between the four people.

Of course, not all vehicles allow you to remove the headrest, in which case you're out of luck, but it's certainly something to keep in mind when heading out on your next road trip. However, it's also worth it to keep in mind that removing the headrests could be dangerous in the event of an accident, according to the NHTSA. So while better conversation in the car is always good, you're also putting yourself at the risk of injury.

Photo by eyeliam