Want to get some exercise and maybe preemptively burn off that Halloween candy in advance, and get a cool Headless Horseman medal to show for it? Check out the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Half Marathon. (Update: pictures of medal added below).


Like the other virtual runs I’ve posted about recently, this is organized by Make Yes Happen, and while there’s no mention of money going to any charity or other organization for this one, maybe it helps cover costs for the ones that do that. You can read about the run and register here, and also check out the Facebook page.

The basics are, it’s $25 to register (plus a $1.22 processing fee), and you can run or walk the 13.1 miles in one go, or in segments. Registration ends on Oct 31, and while the MYH site doesn’t mention a deadline to log the miles, the Facebook page says you have up to 2 weeks.

If you already have a tracking app that isn’t Runkeeper, Fitbit, or Garmin, and said app’s website allows you to download a GPX file of your run or walk, you can sign up for a Runkeeper account and upload them to that.


And just to be clear, this seems to be based on the classic legend of Sleepy Hollow, not the TV show. Although if you want to imagine you’re the Tom Mison Ichabod Crane doing the running, go right ahead.

And here is the aforementioned Headless Horseman medal.

Pretty cool right? So if you’re a fan of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and/or the Headless Horseman, and want to motivate yourself to get some exercise, so you can eat even more candy (or not), and have $26.22 to put into it, go register and run like your life depends on it!

And pun fully intended on the use of “a head” in the title.

Update: now that it’s completed, I got e-mailed some pictures of the virtual trail.

You are at mile marker 0.7 which is at The Van Tassell House.

You are at mile marker 1.0 which is at Patriot’s Park.

You are at mile marker 4.0 which is at Raven’s Rock.

You are at mile marker 12.5 which is at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

You are at mile marker 13.0 which is at The Old Dutch Church.

You just completed the

Sleepy Hollow Halloween Half 2015

I don’t remember any cars in the story, would have made it a lot easier to get away from the horseman.

Update 2: pictures of the actual medal.