How Do You Stream Live Sports?

How Do You Stream Live Sports?

Cutting cable isn't too hard—unless you watch sports, in which case it's a nightmare. Huh989 over at Hackerspace wants to know: how do you stream sports, and are the sports packages out there worthwhile?

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Sports Streaming Services: Are They Worth It?

I'm two things that, until recently, have combined to decrease my quality of life. Those two things are being a sports fan and being a cable cutter. My TV/movies are delivered via my PC connected to my TV via Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go (shamefully on a friend's account). Arguments on that last one aside, I enjoy sports and until recently, I was making an expensive trip to a sports bar for my Saturday afternoon college football. I wasn't watching ANY hockey or baseball, despite having the desire to. And NFL was limited to the OTA broadcasts via my digital antenna.

Recently, however, I made a change. I had long said that MLB.TV was too expensive, but compared to the cost of getting cable every month, I justified it to myself and made the purchase for the year. Since I use a VPN, I am not locked out of my local team's games and the quality is much better than I expected. It's great to be able to follow the team through the season.

I am looking forward to doing the same for the NHL season. I have heard good things and will be trying it out when the regular season starts in October.


Breakdown of Services

[Added] Streaming Services with a Cable Subscription (yours or borrowed):

Do you use any of the sports streaming packages? What tips/tricks can you offer to get the best bang for your buck?

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