bangishotyou's best cheap smartphones holiday gift guide (UPDATED x3)

That’s right, folks, to make up for the lack of posts over the past month or so I’m kicking this one off with a bang and giving you a pic of a ferret in a stocking right off the bat. But seriously this one was a bit overdue and I hadn’t done one of these in a few years and after seeing that horrible post Giz put out… »Tuesday 11:32am11/24/15 11:32am


Wednesday Android Update: Uh, with the ransomware Edition

This one I had brought to my attention near the end of last week and I honestly thought about posting about it then, but the likelihood of it affecting anyone was so low in my opinion that I figured it could wait. It’s a good thing I waited because I learned about two other things, one good and one bad, that are also… »9/16/15 12:24pm9/16/15 12:24pm

Android (ROM) - Breathe New Life Into Your 2012 Nexus 7 With XenonHD

If, like me, you still have a 2012 Nexus 7 (and the OG 8GB version at that), you may have noticed it running a big more sluggish as the years have gone by. I recently flashed a ROM I happened upon in the XDA threads, called XenonHD, based on Android 5.1.1, and it’s running as good as when I first got my tablet all… »5/01/15 4:48pm5/01/15 4:48pm

Android (Root) - Xposed For Lollipop ARM64 Devices (Experimental)

Sometime after Xposed Framework dev Rovo89 brought out his Official Alpha version of Xposed for Lollipop 5.0, there have been 2 other developments. One of those is an experimental and unofficial version of Xposed that will work on arm64 devices, including the Nexus 9 (which the dev tested on), compiled by XDA dev… »4/24/15 12:23pm4/24/15 12:23pm