Christmas question: Is it a mistake to buy a 4th generation ipad?

I've spoken before about an elderly couple who are longtime family friends. The husband has vision problems and can't go about the way he's been used to. It was decided —too late for me to jump on the Staples ipad deal (long story & I would have honored Ferguson black friday boycott anyway)— that folks would chip in… » 11/30/14 6:59pm 11/30/14 6:59pm

5 Painless Steps to Speed Up Your Mac

It's a natural consequence of using a digital device—slowing down. These gadgets store up data and a whole gamut of info as it works at your bidding. So, as a man eats food to survive, a Mac eats data in order to thrive. The downside is... there comes a time when it will accumulate loads of data. They become too heavy… » 5/18/14 11:18pm 5/18/14 11:18pm

Apple to redefine fashion industry; launches iFoot Air Footwear

According to the news sources, which came out recently a couple of days back, Apple Inc. has ignited another patent war on Samsung. Uniqueness is to notice search giant Google being directly involved for the first time. Here we are quoting few lines from The New York Times, Apple is seeking about $2 billion in… » 4/01/14 7:21am 4/01/14 7:21am

Apple Will Replace Your Crappy Third-Party USB Charger for $10

After a faulty iPhone charger allegedly electrocuted a Chinese woman, Apple decided to respond and help out those who may have risky USB power adapters in their possession. The company has pledged to recycle them free of charge and will give you an official Apple replacement for $10. » 8/07/13 3:28am 8/07/13 3:28am