Commuting by bike: Finding your new two-wheeled best friend.

Over the last few years I have had many of my friends ask me how they should go about choosing the bike that would work for them, and while choosing a frame style will ultimately depend your individual personality and preferences this overview can at least give anyone a basic outline and a decent place to start if you… » 1/21/14 4:00am 1/21/14 4:00am

Bike Lane Through Downtown LA on 7th Street

This morning on my way to work I quietly celebrated to myself as I noticed the outlines for the extension of the 7th street bike lanes. For the last two years my daily commute has taken me through downtown LA, and over time I have seen it grow from a few rogue people to spotting at least 10 bikes along that stretch… » 10/25/13 2:56pm 10/25/13 2:56pm