So You Want to Grow Your Own Pot

So you live in a state or other area where marijuana is a legal recreational drug or are a patient or caregiver in a place where medical is allowed? Just like many other things in your life, you think why pay someone else (a dispensary) when you can DIY... Think this over, because growing weed is hard growing good… »11/12/15 1:35pm11/12/15 1:35pm


Household Hacks: Do or Don't Edition

None of this will be as cool as the stuff Garden Marvel has been posting, but I thought we could start a master list of household hacks that you have tried - just post them in the comments, and I’ll add them up here. Please don’t include anything you haven’t tried, because the internet is a big place and full of lies. »9/21/15 11:12am9/21/15 11:12am

How to Make a Swiss Army Key Ring

Most people have to keep track of at least a few keys. The easiest way to do that is to just keep them all on one key ring. But the more keys you have, the bulkier the ring is to carry in your pocket. Here's an alternate design for holding and organizing your keys that's a little more efficient. The design is very… »6/04/13 9:11am6/04/13 9:11am