Music Intensifies Your Focus & Productivity (Neuroscience Proves It)

Most people underestimate the power of music. However, they can't deny the impact it has on their lives by way of the entertainment industry, and the performing arts. (I should know — while freelance writing, I'm also a musician, a songwriter, and a programming consultant for an FM radio station). »3/23/15 5:51pm3/23/15 5:51pm


How I Defeated Distraction with Microsoft Office

Saying I'm easily distracted is an understatement. My attention span falls somewhere between "gnat" and "five year old on Halloween night." But, most of the work I do requires me to do research, which can lead down a rabbit hole where I realize that three hours have passed and somehow I ended up researching not only… »4/25/13 8:33am4/25/13 8:33am