Volunteering in a third world country

Over the past few years I’ve had this idea running around in my head now and then: why not go abroad? The question turned out to have more than one answer: I didn’t want to leave my friends behind, I didn’t want to have to live without them for an extended time, I didn’t want to feel like I missed a vast part of their… » 5/24/13 6:45am 5/24/13 6:45am

Remove Your Car's Headrests to Open Up Conversation During a Group Road…

Having conversations with people in the back seat can be somewhat cumbersome during a road trip. However, by removing all of the headrests, it opens up the car's interior to encourage more conversation between all four passengers, where neither the front or back of the car feels secluded. » 4/16/13 6:18am 4/16/13 6:18am