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10 Gift Ideas for the Tech Lover on Your Holiday List

Are you looking to shop for a gadget-obsessed relatives or friends? Tech gifts are currently the most popular, sought-after gifts worldwide, yet electronic, and tech gifts come along with very big price labels.

If you had written off purchasing any devices this season due to the fear that comes with seeing the price tag, you may have to think twice after seeing the creative picks we have made.

We have ensured that things are affordable, as we know you may have many people to shop for this season.


1. For the Homemaker

This small, but handy device can turn any television set into a connected device; allow the homemaker in your life to stream a broad range of content from any PC, tablet, or Smartphone.

All your loved one will need to do is simply plug in the Google Chromecast 2 into the HDMI port, and they can be able to get Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and many other streaming services on the TV screen.


Chromecast 2 by Google, $35.00

2. For the Gamer


If looking to shop for an Xbox addict, be assured that you cannot go wrong with this gift card. The Xbox gift card is good for just about all goods available in the Windows or Xbox stores, including but not limited to apps, movies, TV shows, and games. You should also need a great chair to get full pleasure of gaming. If you’re more keen on the racing style of chair so beloved of Twitch streamers, then check out best gaming chairs.

Amazon actually makes it possible for the shopper to get the Xbox cards in the form of a digital form. This means that you can email the card directly to all the Halo fans that are in your life, allowing them to begin shopping immediately.


Xbox gift card by Amazon, $10.00

3. For the Camper


The GoSun Solar Dogger is a portable solar cooker that can be used you to cook two hot dogs, or whatever food item you decide to stick inside it, within ten minutes, and without having to use any flame.

The device, which weighs 2.5 pounds make use of a vacuum tube, an insulated lid, and sun reflectors to heat up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit, while at the same time remaining cool to the touch.


It is a device that will even work when it is cloudy outside. When folded, it is at 14*7*3 inches, which makes it very easy to carry when going hiking or camping.

GoSun Solar Dogger by Gosun, $59.00

4. For the Fitness Freaks


Do you know a techie iPhone user who likes to ride? This clever bicycle Smartphone bike amount allows you not only make use of your iPhone as a navigation tool, but there is a prism lens, which makes it possible for you to record when riding, using the camera available in your Smartphone.

There is an E-mount version, which also comes with a 3,000 mAh battery, ensuring that your phone will remain juiced, even as you ride around your preferred trails.


Bycle Smartphone Bike Mount, Kickstarter, $45.99

5. For the Driver


If you know a person who likes to use their phone while they are driving, Techmatte Universal Car Mount will come in handy when handling tasks such as calling, and getting directions to their destinations.

The mount is fully functional, and it will keep your phone in place while you are driving. It works with the Samsung Galaxy S7, the latest iPhone 7, as well as all the other popular phone models currently available in the market.


When bestowing it upon the driver in your life, you can choose between blue, black, and red colors.

Techmatte Universal Car Mount, by Amazon, $29.99

6. For the Traveler


If you know a homesick traveler, who likes to use a humidifier between his or her own four walls, make their holiday season special by getting them a more compact, and travel friendlier version, for their jaunts to other locations.

This Travel-size Humidifier plugs up via the microUSB ports can ride shotgun to AirBnB stays, hotel rooms, or even to the workplace.


Additionally, it can also be used during car rides, through a spare battery pack, or via an adapter, though none is included in the original packaging.

All a techie has to do is plug in the device, place the provided cotton filter into some water, and then switch the humidifier on, and within no time, the atmosphere will begin to feel just like the one at home.


Travel-size Humidifier, by Amazon, $15.99

7. For the Music Lovers


Gifting a music lover with a month or more of Spotify provides them with much more than a rich library of songs and access to custom-made Discover playlists.

The gift card also silences the numerous ads that are sprinkled throughout the free Spotify version, which means that their parties will never have to hit the screeching halt of a vehicle insurance advert, which nobody ever wants to hear.


You can sweeten this gift by including a pair of Bluetooth Headphones, which can be paired with the techies Smartphone, PC, or tablet, as they enjoy the unlimited access to the Spotify music library.

Spotify gift cards, by Spotify, $9.99

8. For the Cooks and Foodies


Are you entertaining at home, or do you know someone who likes to have friends and family over for BBQ? Gift them this iGrill Mini, to use the next time they are entertaining.

The iGrill Mini makes it possible for you to set a temperature for your food, which means that you do not have to hover over the grill constantly.


When the steak has been cooked to your liking, it will send an alert to your phone via the Bluetooth function. Therefore, go ahead and enjoy your game in peace.

9. For the Businessman or Woman


In a world where you need to be constantly online, it has increasingly become difficult for one to get away from the deluge of emails and business reminders coming in during the day.

As such, the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard is the perfect gift for that man or woman who is constantly on the move, but who has to remain in touch with the office, and business contacts.


The keyboard is rechargeable and is compatible with Android, iPad, iPhone, as well as the Windows phones and tablets.

Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard, by Amazon, $50.00

10. For the Gadget Lover


Is there a person in your life that likes to wear multiple devices at all times? Well, you can put an end to this, by getting them a gadget that seems to do everything all the multiple gadgets do.

Misfit Ray, a slim, smart bracelet helps monitor the number of steps taken, calories shed, and distances covered, as well as monitors your sleeping patterns.


The tech can be worn when swimming, and it comes with a battery that can last for as long as six months. Additionally, it can be synced with your phones and provides a notification when you receive a text or call.

Misfit Ray, by, $100

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