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10 useful tips to promote your business on Facebook

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Use of Facebook for Business provides some useful advice about not only using Facebook in the corporate world but also smart use of social networking in general. Facebook helps you getting more traffic to your website and to attract more customers towards your business.


In this post (previously on The Geeks Club), I've described 10 useful techniques that will help you promoting your business online on Facebook.

1. Build a Facebook Page for your business, organization or a particular website you run. Use an eye-catching, appropriate and recognizable image of your company / product.


2. Before choosing any profile picture, make sure that you have clear goals in mind, along with benchmarks for measuring success.

3. Write a short bio with proper description that clearly describes what does your business do. You must ensure that your Facebook page should work like a well-planned magazine, including targeted and exclusive content.


4. Use apps like RSS Graffiti and NetworkedBlogs which keeps your audience updated with the latest piece of information coming from your website.

5. Post contents related to your business. You can even make use of Facebook Ads to have more and more people engaged with your business.


6. Post more and more engaging content on your Facebook Page. Have some active interaction with your audience. Make 'em believe that you are serious enough to respond to their queries. Don't ignore or disappoint your audience.

7. If you don't have enough time to interact with your audience, make sure you do it at least twice or thrice a week. It's known to be a good practice which lets you maintaining a reputation of your business. So don't miss your chance!


8. Add "Like" button to your website and online newsletters. Encourage people via "Find us on Facebook" on physical newsletters as well as your online workspace.

9. As you build your social networking presence, it's important to use analytics to assess the performance of your Facebook Page. Have heard of Facebook Page Insights? It's Facebook's built-in analytics which keeps you updated with things like how many likes your page has received in particular period of time, or how often people comment on your posts, or which particular days of the week are more active than others. Facebook does fantastic job of keeping admins updated with the analytics report of their page weekly on emails.


10. Many third-party data analysis tools and web analytics platforms are available out there which helps you tracking a performance wise records of your business online.

Do you know more of such? Let's discuss 'em on comments.


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