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Are finances keeping you home, because tickets to movies, plays, concerts, and sporting events are too expensive? It’s true that entertainment events are becoming more and expensive. And this is especially true when you want to attend a super, in demand event.


Fortunately, there is some good news. You can almost always score tickets below the asking price, sometimes significantly so. Here are fifteen ways to get discount discounts for hot events.

Buy Season Passes or Memberships

If you plan on attending an event multiple times, or visiting the same venue on more than one occasion, see if they offer a season pass or membership. It’s very common for museums, theaters, amusement parks, and other venues to offer season passes or memberships. In many cases, the savings can be quite significant, especially for a family.


By joining up, you may be able to enjoy other perks as well. These might include first dibs on tickets, discounted merchandise, and the ability to upgrade your seats. It’s definitely worth checking out.

Look For Discounts Online

Never buy tickets without searching for the words ‘discount’ and ‘name of the event you want to attend’. You’ll be surprised at what you might find. However, do your due diligence. Not all discounts are legitimate. The last thing you want is to show up at an event with a phony ticket, or give your credit card information to a scam artist.


If you haven’t signed up for Groupon, or other similar websites, do so. You can always hit them up for promo codes or other discount offers.

Attend Less Popular Showings

Opening nights, weekend showings, post season events, and other showings are nearly always going to be the most expensive. Worse, in many cases coupons or other discounts are not honored during these special events.


If you want a discount, you’re better off attending a different showing, or buying tickets at a less popular time. For example:

  • Go See a Popular Movie During a Weekday Afternoon
  • Watch Plays And Musicals Mid-Run
  • Go to Zoos Museums And Amusement Parks in The Off Season
  • Go to Pre-Season Training or Demonstration Games

Wait Until Demand is Lower

You don’t need to be the first to attend an event in order to enjoy it. For example, if a local casino features a popular singer, ticket prices are going to be through the roof at first. Not only do people want to see the show, they want to be able to say that they were there first.


If these kind of bragging rights don’t matter to you, wait a few weeks. You’ll very likely pay a lower price for your tickets.

Are you a movie buff? Check your local area for second run movie theaters. These venues show movies after they have been taken out of major theaters and before they are available On Demand or through RedBox rentals. In many places, tickets are less than three dollars, and you get the movie theater experience.


Even attending a Moulin Rouge can be four times cheaper if you choose to book a less popular day in advance (think 420 euro versus just 87 euro for the ticket).

Change Your Radio Station

We’ve all done it. The DJ at our favorite radio station anounces that free tickets are up for grabs. All you have to do is be caller 27. So you call...busy signal. Then, you spend the next ten minutes trying to call back. Unfortunately, if you listen to a popular station or syndicated radio show, your chances of winning are slim to none.


However, you can boost those chances by changing the station. Check out locally owned, independent stations; college radio stations, even A.M. stations. They do giveaways as well, but you’ll be dealing with a smaller pool of contestants. Also, follow radio stations on social media. Many do special giveaways just for fans and followers.

Buy From Local Sellers

If you plan on attending an event in another region, avoid national and international ticket brokers. You’ll often pay full price in addition to fees and other add-ons. Instead, check out organizations that match local sellers with interested buyers. For example, if you want to attend a big ticket event in Canada, check out VIP tickets first.


You may also be able to find tickets through Craigslist or local Facebook groups. However, be sure to use common sense, and follow basic safety procedures to avoid scams.

Join Rewards Clubs

Sign up for all of the rewards clubs, and check your emails frequently. Your local grocery store, coffee shop, gas station, fast food places, and other retailers often have these. Not only are they good for discounts and free merchandise, you can sometimes get discounts to events. This usually happens when the retailer is sponsoring the event.


Just be aware that you often have to go looking for these deals. Many places don’t advertise them openly. You’ll have to log into your account, and check out the relevant website for details.

Look For Pre Sale Passcodes

Ticket vendors, venues, even artists frequently offer presale passcodes. These are codes that members can use to purchase tickets at face value or even a discount before they are offered for sale to the general public.


Even if you are just buying tickets one time, it may be worthwhile to create an account rather than buying using guest access. That way you will have access to presale events in the future.

Get Last Minute Deals

This is a little risky, as you could end up with no tickets whatsoever, but tickets are often discounted the day of the event. This is because vendors want to fill empty seats, and earn as much profit as possible.


If missing the event won’t be devastating, consider waiting until the day of the show or event to purchase a ticket. You may have to pick the ticket up yourself, but the savings could be worth the extra time and trip. Sometimes, people who aren’t able to attend, will sell their tickets near the venue.

If it’s legal where you live, this can be a good source of discounted tickets. Just obey the following rules:

  • Obtain Verification That The Ticket is Valid
  • Obey Any Laws Relating to Scalper Zones
  • Never Pay More Than Face Value

Websites to check are Last Minute and Cheap Tickets.

Buy Single Tickets

Most people purchase tickets in pairs. This means that the closer you get to the event the more single seats there are available. Since these are significantly more difficult to sell, you can often get single tickets at lower prices. If you don’t mind attending events solo, or sitting separately, this is a good option.


Form a Group

On the other hand, sometimes volume pays off. If you can get several friends or family members together, you may be able to get a group discount. This is a great way to save money.


Even better, large groups often get other perks. These might include VIP service, discounts on food, and great seats. Many sports venues offer heavily discounted season passes to large groups. Get the office, neighborhood, church group, or club together. Then, see what your local venue or sports team has to offer.

Use Credit Card or Frequent Flyer Rewards Points

If your credit card offers rewards points, get the details. In many cases you can use those points towards tickets for major events. Some airlines also offer discount points to frequent flyers as well.


If you aren’t a fan of using a credit card, you can still benefit. Simply pay off your balance each month to avoid any interest. In fact, with many cards, you can use your debit card to pay off transactions almost immediately after you make them. However, you should check your cardholder agreement. In some cases, you cannot get membership perks if you don’t carry a balance.

Join a Fan Club

Do you have a favorite band or sports team? If they have a fan club, take a few minutes to sign up. Fans are often the first to hear about upcoming events, giveaways, special deals, etc. It is not at all unusual for club members to receive first dibs on tickets and merchandise, as well as a membership discount.


Buy From The Box Office

You can buy tickets nearly anywhere. Your local grocery store, big box department store, and pharmacy very likely sells event tickets. Of course, you can also purchase them online.This is convenient, but there are always fees involved. Instead, go directly to the box office to make your purchase in person. Assuming you’re going to be in the area anyway, you could save a few bucks.


Use a Corporate or Student Discount

Sports teams and concert venues love to partner up with corporations. If you work for a big company in your area, look into corporate discounts. Better yet, find out if they hold corporate nights. Just remember that you have to ask for these special offers. They aren’t always advertised openly.


If you are a student, keep your ID handy. Because they can usually count on students to spend plenty of money on beer, merchandise, and snacks, many venues offer student discounts. Of course, your standard discounts for students are nearly always available at movie theaters, museums, and other places.

There are many ways to get great deals on event tickets. In some cases, you may even be able to score free tickets. In order to make this work, you often need to be resourceful, willing to do a bit of extra work, or in some cases simply bold enough to ask.


If you know someone who seems to go to every event that comes to town, ask them their secrets. Chances are, they are applying at least a few of the techniques above. Remember, the less money you spend on tickets, the more money you have to spend while enjoying the event.

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