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It’s been another busy and active week around here. Moon once again wrote about Windows 10, with tips on Media Player, how to clear the clipboard (also works for Win 7), and something for if you need to generate a random number. You never know when that can come in handy.

We also got an insight into starting a Kickstarter campaign from TheRevanchist, ideas on gifts for that cool friend from Anthony Dejolde, and some advice on setting up a tech office from Elena.


Today’s gifs were found by doing a Google image search for animals using computer gifs.

And if it wasn’t already stuck in your head, here’s Loverboy with Working for the Weekend (Update: official music video replaced with a shorter one of just the song, and with lyrics).

And if you’re not sure what the song is about, here’s a discussion on it.


Lastly, do you like cats?