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Meditation For the Rest of Us

We hear a lot about the benefits of mindfulness meditation, which usually approaches meditation by focusing on the breath. And while this approach works wonderfully for many, it’s not for everybody.

Some such as myself who have particularly chaotic minds due to ADHD, OCD, etc, find it difficult to enter a meditative state by closing your eyes and focusing internally. We identify more with Sonia Azalia at the Elephant Journal who writes:

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do when my mind is heavily clouded by annoyance is to sit still, crossed-legged, eyes shut, breathing deeply while forcing a realm of peace within me.



Luckily for those with more tumultuous minds, an externally-focused approach to meditation might just do the trick. Azalia, for example, uses the sky as that that external aid.

I start by keeping my gaze in the spot where my eyes first landed. Then, I shift my eyes up and around, slowly. Next, with my entire head, I scan the sky—horizontally, vertically, from one end to the other, as far as my sight can reach.

As I concentrate on the sky and its vastness, as I drink up the stillness, I feel those clouds of annoyance dissolving—like how cotton candy reacts to the press of my tongue, until it shrinks into a slight mass of thought.


This externally-focus approached to meditation works so much better for me. I find it difficult to focus on something as nebulous as “the breath.” But I can enter a deep meditative state by watching the branches of a tree being blown by the wind, or by watching and listening to moving water, or looking to the sky.

Read more about Azalia’s approach to meditation by clicking the link below.


What are some tips and tricks you have found helpful for entering into a meditative state? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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