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If you’ve got gift cards or spare holiday savings burning a hole in your pocket, you can get a lot for your money in the next week or so. The Boxing day sales are now on and there are loads of other post Christmas sales and bargains to come. All you have to do is know the best way to take advantage of them. Here are a few smart strategies for making that happen.


Let Someone’s Old Become Your New

Once Christmas is over, many people begin to purge. This means clearing out unwanted toys, clothing, electronics, kitchen appliances, decorative items, and more to make room for everything Santa brought. If you live in a warm weather area, look for post holiday garage sales. If not, check out Craigslist,, and Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can get for free or at a very low cost.Don’t be afraid to bargain. Many people are eager to make a deal.


Capitalize on Post Holiday Travel Deals

Once the holiday season ends, there’s a dip in travel related sales. In fact, the month of January, especially after the 7th is a great time to travel. So, book any last minute travel quickly. If you’d like to experience warm weather tourist attractions, January and February are usually considered to be off season. You can often find great deals on ticket and room prices as well.


Get Ready For The Next Holiday

Next Christmas may seem impossibly far away. It might also be the last thing you want to think about. But, the truth is it’s going to come. Why not take advantage of those post holiday sales on Christmas items.


Take a look at your stockpile of wrapping paper, ribbons, and bows. If you’re low on anything, you may as well pick it up while it’s discounted at 50% or more. The same goes for your tree and other decorations. If anything is worn out or missing, this is the perfect time to replace it.

Are you a collector? Do you put together a Christmas village or train display? Maybe you collect a series of ornaments for Christmas figurines. If so, visit your local gift and knick knack shop. Those items often go on sale after the holidays are over.


Hit The Winter Clearance Racks

Now that Christmas is over, stores are already focused on Valentines. Clothing stores are even further ahead in the calendar. They’re already preparing for spring and summer fashion lines to hit the shelves. This means, they’re super motivated to get rid of the winter wear that’s currently on the racks.


After the first of the year, you’re going to start seeing a lot of that merchandise on the clearance racks and in the discount bins. Even better, those prices will continue to go down. Pay attention to sales cycles and markdown schedules. That way you’ll know when to get jackets, coats, sweaters, and other items at bargain basement prices. The first part of the year is a great time to buy these items. Don’t forget other winter items such as sleds, driveway salt, and ice scrapers.

Take Advantage of Electronic Overstock

If you didn’t have room for new or used electronics such as laptops before the holidays, now is a good time to shop again. According to Laptop Review, “The best time to buy a laptop is after the holiday rush. Not only are stores cutting back prices on items that did not sell over the holidays, many are willing to make deals on warranties and service agreements. Get online or hit the stores and see what they are willing to offer.


You can also take advantage of returns, factory refurbished deals, and floor models after the holiday. Just be wary of ‘as-is’ offers. These can be an indication that the store Knows an item isn’t up to par, but wants to sell it off anyway.

Join The Gym. Save Money. Keep Your Resolution.

There’s a reason why gyms offer great post holiday news. They get an influx of membership orders after the holidays from folks looking to lose weight and tone up for the upcoming spring and summer weather. Of course, they do take advantage of the fact that many will join, but won’t use the facilities.


However, if you are truly committed to working out and getting in shape, there’s no reason not to take advantage of these offers. You could save significantly on both joining fees and monthly payments. If you’re already a member, you may be able to get a good deal on membership upgrades.

Don’t Forget The Mom And Pop Stores

There are many great reasons to patronize locally owned small businesses any time of year. There are even more benefits after the holidays. Unlike large, chain stores, local merchants don’t have the ability to send unsold inventory back to the manufacturer or store it in warehouses. Many also have to pay for merchandise ahead of time. Unsold stock is money out of their pockets.


If you’ve been wanting to check out that local boutique or gourmet foods store, walk in after the holidays are over. There’s a very good chance that you’ll find some great merchandise at a cheap price. You’ll also be very likely to find unique items that you can’t find elsewhere. Save money, and give your local economy a boost!

Take Advantage of Subscription Box Flash Sales

If you’ve ever wanted to subscribe to one of those monthly goody boxes, now is a good time. These boxes contain everything from toys and treats for your dogs, snack foods from all over the world, makeup and beauty samples, movies, to hot sauces around the globe. These make great Christmas presents.


However, when the companies that sell these don’t get enough subscribers over the holidays, they try to lure people in with post holiday flash sales. Take advantage of this! Go to websites selling subscription boxes that are most appealing to you. This is a good time to find great bargains.

Check Out Club Packages And Season Passes For Warm Weather Attractions

Your local zoo, museums, and amusement parks often have holiday sales on membership, season passes, and other deals. Some continue these deals until well after the holidays. Others offer brand new bargains. Check these out.


Be especially on the lookout for club or subscription style passes. Many amusement parks, for example, are moving away from season passes that must be paid for all at once. Instead, they are offering memberships at a low monthly cost. Start making payments now, and you could have access to your favorite local attraction all spring and summer long.

Check Out Your Local College Campus For a Clean Safe Dumpster Dive

College kids often head home right before Christmas, and don’t return to campus until well into January. When they return to school, it’s often with new electronics, clothing, and furniture. While some donate or place items online to sell or give away, you would be surprised at how many just set things outside to be picked up. Take a day time trip, and see what you find available. It’s not unheard of to pick up gaming systems, flat screens, mini fridges, and more.


Buy up Unwanted Gift Cards

Gift cards are great. Unless, of course, you receive one for a store you don’t like or that isn’t in your area. Because of this are very eager to get rid of cards that they do not want, and turn them into cash. There are even gift card sale and trade websites created for just this purpose. You can often buy gift cards for fifty cents on the dollar or less.


You’ll also see these offered up on Craigslist and other local buy and trade listings. Just be sure to verify the amount that you will be receiving before you make payment. No legitimate seller will be resistant to that or offended by the request.

Stock Your Spice Rack And Pantry

Your local grocery store stocks up on a variety of holiday related items in order to keep up with the demands of holiday chefs and bakers. Once the holiday ends, those items often go on sale. Even better, these holiday staples are useful year round and many last practically forever. Look for bargains on the following items that aren’t just good for amazing holiday food.

  • Stuffing and dressing mix
  • Poultry seasoning
  • Cinnamon nutmeg pumpkin spice
  • Canned green beans
  • Jarred and canned gravy
  • Canned pumpkin
  • Flour sugar and baking powder

You might feel miserly after all of your holiday spending. Still, if you can scrape up a bit of money, you are in for some great bargains. Try out a few of these post holiday shopping strategies in the new year.

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