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4 Guy Hacks Behind the Science of Dating

We all love the hunt—that feeling when your senses go off, taking in all those wonderful little triggers— her scent, her smile, her body. Yet, when you move in to pursue, you end up with the wrong kill strategy; you give too much chase and not enough art… you lose, buddy.

The problem with persistence hunting is that you’re dating with the hopes of impressing the woman to win her approval. But how often do you ever show her that she also needs to work for your thumbs-up. This reverse mentality is important because it allows you to recognize your own power and start approaching dating with more confidence.

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1. Know your Worth

Knowing your worth is an important part of dating the smart way. If you show a woman your value, she’ll be more likely to invest in your stock. In fact, the more you demonstrate that you’re a hot commodity, she’ll start trying to seek your approval instead of the other way around.


How can I do this, you ask? Simple— you just need to build up the right set of responses and attitudes when her ego is high on gas. For example, if a girl from Tinder or POF makes some nauseating remark about why she should go out with you, you can reply with something like, “But we haven’t yet established if you’re even the right one to make me leave this dumb app.” With this approach, you’re creating the understanding that you’re also someone who deserved to be chased.

2. Have Realistic Expectations

The next step toward achieving better dating experiences is to have realistic expectations. Yes, the online dating community is filled with cute ladies, with uncontrollable sexual cravings, but that doesn’t imply that they’re quality women, trust me. To avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, you should establish practical expectations when dating. This means that you’re not turning a blind eye to a woman just because she’s not Kate Upton with Katy Perry’s rack.


When you’re more open-minded, you might meet someone a little less glamorous, yes, but she’ll still be adorable and have the confidence and charm to put every other girl to shame. Your choice, buddy. So, let go of your delusions about the perfect woman—she’s a fantasy that doesn’t exist. Rather, you should focus on making room in your life for an amazing catch who’s actually a living, breathing person.

3. Do Not Aim for a One-Night Stand

If your mantra for first dates is “Carpe Diem”, it’s no wonder why you keep going through the same old motions with women, literally. Of course, there’s no harm in first date sex, but if this approach is always your go-to move, this may be the reason why you end up with a tiresome rotation of girls you don’t really care about.


With running the risk of sounding like grandpa, you really do need to build a strong foundation with a woman in order to get those butterfly feelings. The connection has to be based on communication, respect and trust, something that can only be created over a long period of time. But if this level of effort doesn’t fit in with your dating style, you should consider changing things up, brother.

4. Reconsider your Dating Apps

Another good piece of advice is to reconsider the dating apps you’re using. Apps like Tinder and POF are basically a virtual sex platter. There’s other apps like Match and WhoWinkedMe , which are better suited for quality singles looking for the real deal.


At the end of the day, we’re always going to stay hunters. It’s really just a matter of changing up your game, so maybe you can lock in someone worth the struggle.

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