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4 Hacks for Looking Sun-kissed Without the Sun

The sun is Satan. Each year, its harsh rays grow more and more deadly, yet we still can’t help but crave its short-term beauty pay-off—that beautiful bronzed glow. We all want it, celebrities have got it and virtually every glamorous, jet-setting lady is radiating with it. So, how can we get the look without risking wrinkles and skin damage? Can we enjoy gorgeous tanned skin without selling our soul to the sun devil? Fortunately, you don’t need to become a satanic sun worshipper! With these four simple beauty hacks, you can safely have that sexy copper-toned look while protecting your skin.

1- Tinted Moisturizer

Not only is tinted moisturizer great for your skin, it also deposits color. When applied to the skin, it offers a natural golden sheen that creates a suntanned effect. And you don’t have to worry about it feeling blobby under your makeup! Tinted moisturizer adheres well to makeup, but if you prefer, you can use primer before applying makeup. The finished result will have you looking effortlessly bronzed, letting you say goodbye to tanning salons for good— Ta-ta to all you sun ovens!


2- Spray Tan

Spray tans give you a boost of color that will last longer than tinted moisturizer. Usually staying on your skin for up to a week, spray tans provide more longevity and color. Most beauty salons will offer spray tan services, but make sure to ask about the chemicals being used in the bronzing formula. There are many facilities that use colorants made from harmful unnatural ingredients, which will actually dry out your skin—shame! Instead, you should only use natural coloring formulas, made with vegetable-based ingredients, giving you a healthier and higher-quality result.

3- Bronzer

Bronzer offers an easy, quick way to buff on color before heading out the door. It’s simple, cheap and low-maintenance. Simply glide the bronzer using a Kabuki brush over the hollows of your cheeks, the frame of your forehead and the bridge of your nose. You’ll instantly look like you’ve taken a few extra naps at the beach—your skin will be more vibrant and pigmented.


However, on a low note, bronzer is usually drying because it’s a powder with oil-absorbing qualities. This texture can accentuate fine lines, making you appear older. Fortunately, there’s a solution! Current innovations in the beauty industry feature products that can actually iron out your wrinkles instantly, almost like a facelift in a jar. Standing as one of the most popular, the 3 minute anti wrinkle treatment is making huge waves as the ultimate skin smoother. Always use a skin-smoothing treatment before applying bronzer to maximize the sexiness of your sunny glow.

4- Self-Tanner

Self tanner offers the longest lasting results. Depending on how many times you apply, the results can stay on your skin for over a week. The magic of self tanner is its buildable quality; if you can layer on the lotion every day, you will become increasingly darker with time. The level of darkness you can achieve is completely under your control. Just make sure to apply the product with rubber gloves to avoid getting orange hands—not so lovely.


Choose from any of these four nifty hacks to achieve a healthy boost of color. You’ll never have to worry about sun damage again, even though everybody else will be convinced you’re a die-hard sun zombie. Your welcome, ladies.

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