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5 Awesome Automobile Gadgets of 2019

In automobile’s world the technology has progressed so rapidly in the past five years. Gadgets with latest technology always bring attention to customers. Plenty of newer car models already come with great tech pre-installed, but what if you don’t have a new car? Well, don’t fret because these 5 automobile gadgets will make your car awesome.

1st. Lanmodo 1080P-Full- Color- Image Night Vision System

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Lanmodo is a car gadgets making company, and engaged in creating innovative, high quality products and providing excellent services to customers. In 2017, Lanmodo launched the world’s 1st automatic car tent. In 2018, Lanmodo released 1080P full-color night vision system, which helps keep safe driving. We heard a lot of news reports about accidents that were caused by low visibility and even bad weather. According to reports, more than 40 percent of car accidents occur at night. When you’re driving, it is highly important to have a good view of the road. The Lanmodo 1080P-Full-Color-Image Night Vision System is a new car gadget that blew me away. But before we go into the specifics of what this product has in store for you, you first have to know a little about its developers. This product is from Lanmodo, which is the same company that brought the first automatic car shelter in the world. Once again, this company proved that they are all about innovations. Because just like their previous product, the night vision system is unlike no other.

If you’re someone who drives a lot during late hours, then yes, I recommend it. Driving at night is an inevitable task, and what’s making it worse are roads that only have a few lightings. It’s a must to keep yourself safe during this kind of drives by using a reliable gadget such as the Lanmodo Night Vision System.

Key Features:

  • Main purpose of developing the night vision system is, consider the safety in night driving. According reports, most of the car accidents happened at night and most of them were caused due to poor visibility or bad weather situations. Lanmodo night vision system is a driving safety assistance for people who love to drive in night, the drivers don’t need to stare the screen all the time, with this system they can get assistance with clear & bright graphics. The Vision Distance of Lanmodo 1080P Night Vision System can be up to 300M, in this way, it will help drivers to understand road situation more fast and easy to avoid accidents.
  • Its 1080P full color image night vision system will be useful to truck drivers who always drive at night and yes for night riders as well. As we know, normally the truck comes with long body which will cause visual impairment on truck tail. In this way, Lanmodo 1080P full color image night vision system is deployed with rear view camera to monitor the truck tail to keep driving safety. The connector line of the rear view camera is up to 600M which is suitable for almost all car models.
  • Lanmodo 1080P full color image night vision system is with 8.2" HD screen, 1080P high resolution and full-color image which makes the traffic situation clearly displayed on the screen.
  • With an external power supply, the night vision system can also be used for night activities, such as night fishing, photographing, etc.


  • Easy to set up and easier to use
  • Functions with total accuracy during the night
  • Clear vision in foggy conditions, or on rainy days
  • The system has a wide-angle vision
  • Night vision distance extends up to 300m
  • The device shows a full color image of the road on
  • Low maintenance

2. Lanmodo All-in-one Car Tent:

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Once again Lanmodo take the position and the second successfully maintain its position in top 5 awesome automobiles gadgets. The basic function of a car tent is to help protect your ride from the direct effects of sunlight and if it can’t block direct sunlight completely from getting to your car, it should be able to at the very least reduce it effects to a very large extent.

With sensor technology, a Lanmodo auto car tent will automatically turn itself on when it has been set up. No buttons, no extra ‘wake up’ procedure. Just set it up and its advanced functions come alive.

 3. Real Time Car Tracker:

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One of the most popular vehicle GPS trackers on the market, the Spy Tech STI GL300 is a standout solution that offers near exact 100 percent vehicle location, thanks to real-time GPS tracking. The addition of a three-axis acceleration meter makes for an even higher pinpoint detection of a car’s location (and updates can be provided as often as every five seconds).

Setting up geographic fencing or boundaries is easy if you want to get real-time notifications of a car leaving a specific zone. Measuring 1.5 x 0.9 x 2.7 inches in size, the STI easily tucks away anywhere inside a vehicle and, with motion activation battery life, can last two weeks or longer before requiring a recharge.


4. Nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor

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Nonda’s latest in-car gadget, you can track the tire pressure in real time from your mobile phone. The smart tire safety monitor detects slow leaks before it’s too late thanks to its innovative AccuTemp Algorithm. It also comes with anti-theft locking system and a built-in USB port for charging other devices.

5. TripWorthy First Aid Kit

Whether it’s a leisurely drive to the beach or a prolonged journey to another country, it’s absolutely mandatory to have a first aid kit in your car in case of an emergency. This comprehensive kit from TripWorthy packs both premium medical supplies and survival gear into a compact, durable carrying case weighting only 1 pound. Expect antiseptic cleansing wipes, emergency blanket, and all bandage types you can think of.

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