A collection of earrings that is not kept neatly adds up to your daily dose of stressors. How so? They tend to be easily lost, tangled, or broken. So to obliterate this additional stressor once and for all, it's time to look for an effective earring storage system and a creative way to display them every time you dress up.

Good news, I have more bright ideas other than just storing them in traditional jewelry boxes. Actually, there are several simple and not so expensive organizational solutions for that collection of earrings lying on your dresser.

Follow the simple tips presented to you here and find (or craft) a jewelry holder that will display and protect your earrings in a way that will make any woman jealous.

1. Jewelry hanger - set time on your day off to look for wooden clothes hangers you have not been using for a while. Next, visit your local Handyman store to buy small hooks. Now, you can attach each hook to the wooden clothes hanger. The photo below will help you see how it's done.


2. Put earrings on display. An earring display case is a wise way to showcase your collection and you can organize them by stone, style, or size. Display cases are especially designed for chandelier earrings, pierced earrings, including hoop earrings as well as these clip-on earrings I found.


I've seen many earring display cases resembling miniature bookcases. These are ideal for such earrings since they provide them shelves, making way for good viewing. Others infuse a penetrable board or hanging wire, or maybe backing so you can post your collection on the back of your display case. To make room for clip-on earrings, a lot of these display cases also provide single, some even double "shelves" as additional space for displaying more items.

3. Cube it! It's hard to believe, but, many have the opinion that an ice cube tray could absolutely be the best way to keep your earrings. One reason is that in most cases, a dresser drawer will accommodate ice cube trays quite well. Use ice trays designed to stack on top of each other. That way, you can save space in an easy-breezy way. These types of ice trays are available in packages of 3 at places like Walmart for $1.


4. Store them on hanging cards. Stud earrings and most short-sized earrings can be conveniently stored on single cards. You can either buy them or make them yourself. If you're the arts and crafts type like me, here's how to make one. Buy 3 x 5-inch cards or small cardstock. Punch tiny holes on the card to push the earrings through. What's more, you can also opt to reuse ancient greeting cards or business cards you've been keeping for years. Now, you can put them to good use.

5. Keep them in cardboard egg containers. The case might be that you find your jewelry drawer in a complete disarray, with earrings all tangled up and some missing all over the place, time to put one of those egg cartons to good use — use it to organize your ear accessories (earrings). Once you've untangled them from each other, lay them inside each cup to display them separately. Small holes in neat pairs can be punched in the upper portions of the cup walls. This will keep your earrings from running around. Look at how pretty it will look below.


Next time you'll be stressed due to the fact that you don't know where to look for a missing piece of a pair of earring you love to wear during formal affairs, come back to re-read this article. It's all yours.