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5 quick tips to secure your mobile phone

If your mobile phone gets stolen, hacked or lost, a risk of data loss or losing control over some of the important data present in your phone is always high. Most importantly, security threats are not only confined to data loss. Malware in the form of Trojans, Viruses, Internet Worms and unauthorized network access attacks are also growing risks rapidly.

Privacy of user data can be at stake if no security is enabled in their phone. So in this post, I've described 5 simple quick tips to follow in order to keep your mobile phone secure:


Safe lock

Safe lock is one of the very important functionality available in all the devices in order to keep your phone secure. You can lock your screen with a pin code or using password you want. It's highly beneficial if anything that provides an extra layer of difficulty against an untrustworthy user.

Remote services

You should enable remote services. There are many remote services available out there, or you could even use GPS services to find the location of your lost phone. E.g. Android Device Manager.


Backup and restore

You should have a backup of your data, in case it gets lost or corrupted. You can make a backup of your data either through a product that offers this functionality, or manually copy and store the documents, pictures and information to storage media devices you have. This will help you restoring your corrupted or damaged data.



Use a most secure and trusted Antivirus which fights against all kind of Internet threats and attacks and win the battle. Nowadays, the mobile Malware landscape is developing quickly than ever before. The number of attacks are increased mainly due to internet banking, e-commerce websites, online transactions.


Be curious!

Be curious and suspicious before downloading / installing any third party apps. Look out after what does the application offer to its users. Also, make sure you download them via trusted / official sources only.



Picture courtesy: Modis Blog


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