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You got brilliant idea and you want to start a website. Let's share your content with the rest of the world. But how to do it the most efficiently? I came up with 5 tips everyone building a website should know.

1. Choose Reliable Hosting Service

The cheapest is not always the best. When you are choosing hosting, consider customer reviews. Price for storage is not as important as other services your hosting company provide - something may get wrong and you will need their urgent action. You need a stable home for your website.


2. Build a Website on Right CMS

There is a lot of platforms you may use to build your website. But how to choose which one is the best for me? Well, it depends on many things, like what is your website for, how skilled you are, do you plan to hire some developer etc. For example: "I am beginner and I do not have spare money to pay a developer. I need reliable and flexible platform I can manage myself." If this is your case, go for WordPress (mind the difference between and For you need your own hosting and domain, for you do not, but it is less flexible and you get subdomain. If you plan to do something more with your website in the future, go for More complicated platforms, where you may need help from web developer, are for example joomla, drupal, magento.

3. Choose Website Template Without Limitations

Attention please, this is very important. Your visitors will come on your website and you want them to take some action, right? Whether you want them to subscribe, purchase your products or just read your content, you need to create environment they feel comfortable in. Choose a template which suits your needs, but do not limit yourself. You may think, that it is cool to have a blog and you want to earn some cash with advertising, but later on you realise, that there is some business opportunity and you can open an online e-shop. Consider some multi-purpose theme. If plan A doesn't work as intended, there is whole alphabet. Choose smart. This is the reason why I do not suggest free themes, many times they are bugging and they are not offering much. Small investment into template can make a difference and will save your sanity later on. On envato marketplace, there is whole bunch templates for any CMS. In my previous blog I wrote about top 10 e-commerce templates for WordPress.


What you should focus on when choosing a theme? Responsive template is a MUST! So your visitors can browse your website on any device. If you are thinking about going international, you may like to save some time with translations. Check if template, you want to choose, is WPML ready. Very important questions: Is the website fully customisable? You want your website to be special, right? I browsed envato and found couple of themes I really liked. And since one of them had Halloween landing page as a bonus to purchase, they immediately got my heart. Check Royal WordPress theme by 8theme. It is an example of theme I would recommend to anyone who want to build a WordPress website, since they have everything mentioned above, plus they offer Visual Composer (drag and drop editor, so you do not need to bother with coding) included in the package.


4. Always Back Up Your Website

How many times happened to you, that you were working on some project and program stopped working? It is not a big deal, you just restart program and continue working. Of course, if you have some back up. If you do not, your hair turn grey within minutes. With website is the same. There are some guys out there, who like to hack websites and they may hack yours as well. Sure, prevention is the best. Strong passwords, some software protecting your website, but remember, always back up your data!


5. Get Traffic

Up to this point, you have your website on save place, you have a template with all features you need (and may need in the future) and you came to the point, when you are ready to launch and welcome visitors. Google doesn't register you immediately and it takes a lot of effort to be among first results in Google search, so do not rely on that. Take action and do some marketing. There are many free tips and tricks all over the internet, you can use to boost your traffic. From my personal experience I recommend to follow Social Triggers. Those tips helped me and may help you too.


So, ready to launch your website? Let me know in comments, what are you dealing with and what do you consider as great tips for anyone, who want to start their website?

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