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5 tips to enjoy quiet times in an open space

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I first have to tell you that the guys I'm working with are really great guys! And I mean it. I work for a tech startup so I often call them the "genius". They do a brilliant job, but they are f**cking loud… and we work in an open space. One more thing you need to know is that I'm the only girl working with 14 guys and that the average age is 26 (just to let you picture the environment).


So I've worked hard for months to figure out how could I manage to work efficiently, while still having fun with them.
So here is the 5 advices I came up with. Some are very well known others might not work in any open space, but you can still give it a try!

1- Stole a "do not disturb" sign from a Hotel room

And hang it on your computer. At first most of your teammates will feel weird about it… The point is not to hang it all day long, but just at specific time only for an hour or two. They'll get use to it and will really respect it!
Pro's : it's noticeable from far away
Con's : at first your coworkers will feel like you're telling them to "shut up"


2- Only have fruits on your desk

Never, never have candies. Candies attract people, fruits don't.
Pro's : Fruits are good for your health
Con's : You'll crave for candies at some point..


3- Buy noise canceling headphones

And listen to loud music. Have you try one of those things yet? Well it's unbelievable, you really feel like you're alone and you cannot ear you teammates calling you. So if they have something important to tell you they'll come to you over wise they'll give up and let you work.
Pro's: You're in your bubble
Con's: You're in your bubble


4- Finish every lunch with onions and cheese

I won't comment this one… Believe me, it's working!

5- Work from home…

The best way to enjoy quiet times it's to work from home from time to time. You'll just have to schedule all the work that need a quiet environment, and plan a day off from the office.
Pro's: You'll feel incredibly productive
Con's: There's no con's


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