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7 Smart Ways To Celebrate Your Child's Birthday

What, you’re preparing for your baby’s 5th birthday? Congratulations. You’ve done well as parents. It seems like yesterday when you brought home a newborn. Now, you’re planning your little one’s fifth birthday bash. I’m sure you realize that this event will not happen again, so you want it to be perfect; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime affair, after all. So let me help; let’s make it a memorable one. Alright, so what will you need? You can choose from: smash cakes, party favors, toys, cupcakes with those cute toppers cupcakes with those cute toppers, and lots of other treats. Wait a sec, how can I forget ice cream. Come on, now, don your party-planning hat and roll your sleeves. Let’s get to work and be inspired with the ideas I’ll present, and throw that party you’ve been dreaming of for your baby.

1. Legos-themed Party.

Legos... I’m sure you’re aware of those famous toy bricks? If you can find a child who’s not interested with Legos I will treat you to a scalding-hot cappuccino, pronto! Speaking of Legos, what’s good about it is that when parents try to play, they turn into overgrown toddlers; they can’t stop playing like the kids. So why not have a party that’s Legos-themed. For the first part of the event, enjoy those food and drinks, and after that treat those little ones to a Legos building spree.


2. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Party

Spark his imagination with a transportation celebration. So... how does it go? Set up a Cardboard design airplane, trains, and cars along with a generous supply of finger paints and smocks for the little ones to decorate. This theme is not only simple to set up, it’s also a fun way of igniting the little darlings’ creative juices. Now, remember, if you’re successful in making those artists’ juices flowing you not only help them become creative, you also motivate them to become smarter.

3. Go Camping

If your backyard or front loan can accommodate a small crowd, you can have a camping themed party. You’ll only need two tents, ground cloth/tarp, some toy cooking utensils, beddings, large water jug (of course this will be filled with juice of your choice and coolers), and campfire grill, and a few more camping supplies. I have to warn you, though, that you’ll have to assign an adult to man the grill. (Just to make sure the little ones won’t get a chance to have burns). I know this needs more preparation time, but will be all worth it.


4. Luau themed party

Get that beach atmosphere right in your home. What will you need? Tropical crafts, leis, luau decorations, luau music, and luau novelties. To spice up the party, play that luau music and have a limbo party. Challenge the kids — “how low they can get!”


5. Party-on, wild west

Inform the kids you invite not to come without cowboy hats and pistols or indian arrows and axes. Of course you don’t want them to hurt each other, so make sure they will bring the ones that won’t hurt people. You can spice things up with the presence of Lone Ranger and Tonto, or perhaps Django. What about Zorro? Definitely, that would be fun. After all the eating and the drinking, you can all relax, sit down and watch a classic western movie. With this, I can leave you to pick the movie that will be appropriate for the kids.


6. Go galactic

If I was a child I would love a Star Wars themed party. I’ll be Luke Skywalker and my best friend would be Darth Vader. Get Star Wars decorations, hang those posters of Han Solo, Yoda, Princess Leia, Padme Amidala, R2-D2, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks, and all those unforgettable characters George Lucas created for the Saga. Ohh.. and don’t forget to bring out those laser swords. The party would absolutely be a treat with that adventure feel.


7. Be the host of a “Little Italy” Party

It would be nice to create a café feel. You can intensify the ambiance by using checkered tablecloth on your tables. Then hang red, green, and white striped garland (I don’t have to remind you that the Italian flag has these colors, right?) stringed with white holiday lights distributed around the room properly. This will add up to the festive mood. The next thing I will suggest will surely make you smile — I’m positive you have supplies that are leftover from last Christmas. You know, items like utensils, paper streamers, and other holiday decors. They are a great match to the red, green, and white color scheme. You can match them with the suggestions above. Do you want to use some little Italy flags? Turn them into cute place mats, and, lastly, let the kids metamorphosed into Super Mario Brothers by letting them wear stick-on paper mustaches.


There... seven lively party themes you can choose from for your little darling’s birthday bash.

Photo Credit: rosberond via Compfight cc

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