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Maybe you can do everything, but why on earth would you want to? There are things in life that bring us pleasure. There are things that are hard work, but ultimately satisfying. Then there are things that fit in a space somewhere between mundane and drudgery.


The time that you spend performing these tasks takes away time that you could spend on things you enjoy, or simply having a bit of downtime. So, if you have the means to do so, why not outsource some of the mundane and unpleasant tasks in your life? This is especially true if you are an entrepreneur and need more time to focus on the parts of your job that are important.

Outsourcing tasks can be done in one of two ways. First, you can hire an individual or business to do the task for you. Your other option is to find a way to automate the task so that it becomes as easy as possible to accomplish. Here are eight small things you should be outsourcing for a better life at work and at home.


1. Grocery Shopping

Even if you are only shopping for one, a weekly trip to the grocery store can be an ordeal that takes well over an hour of your time. Unless you really love to go grocery shopping, why not let somebody else do that for you?


After all, you do have several options. You could hire somebody to take on that chore for you. Many people do earn extra money by running these kinds of errands. If that isn’t an option, check out your grocer’s website. Many of them offer a delivery service, even though they might not advertise it. Finally, you have options such as Amazon Fresh or Peapod that you can use for grocery ordering and delivery.

2. Lawn Care and Landscaping

Whether it is your home or the front of your office, you want your lawn to look appealing and nicely landscaped. Unfortunately, taking that on as a do-it-yourself task takes a lot of time. Not only that, but the results never look quite as nice.


Haven’t you ever wondered how lawn care services get those neat basket weave patterns in the lawns that they cut, or fantasized about having a lawn that resembles a golf course? Why not pass this task to a professional for both reasons of convenience and esthetics?

3. Laundry

Like grocery shopping, doing laundry is a complete time suck. Worse, it never seems to end. Sorting, washing, drying, and folding are absolute drudgery. If you have to use a laundromat it is even worse because you are stuck there until your clothes get done, with little to do besides stare at your phone.


The good news is that you can rid yourself of this task fairly easily. Just like there are people who will grocery shop for you, there are also people who will do your laundry for you and return it to you clean and folded.

Here’s another secret. Talk to the clerk at your local laundromat. In many cases they offer drop off laundry services in addition to self-service clothes washing. All you need to do is drop your clothes off in the morning and pick them up at the end of the day.


4. House Cleaning

There are two bad things about housecleaning. The first is the amount of time that it takes. The second is that putting off the task makes it immensely more difficult. This is why hiring a house-cleaning service to come into your home once a week or once every two weeks is an absolute blessing.


Imagine only being tasked with picking up some clutter in your home, doing the dishes, and taking out the trash. Everything else, including cleaning the bathrooms, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting is taken care of for you. Some people might balk at the cost of this service. It certainly isn’t free. However, before you do so, consider how much money your time is worth. Then do a little shopping around. This may not cost as much as you expect.

5. Financial Management

In terms of personal or professional financial management there comes a time when getting professional help isn’t simply a matter of convenience, it is a necessity. Even if you are not at that point, there are many good reasons to get external help with your finances. One of these reasons to save you the time that it takes to deal with these complex matters.


Depending on your situation, you have a couple of different options. You could hire an accounting or a financial management company to help keep up with your income, expenses, investments, and other financial related concerns. If that seems like too much, you can also find a great app or online-based solution to help you keep your finances straight as easily as possible.

6. Dog Walking

Sometimes, outsourcing a task isn’t just for your own good, it is for the good of somebody else. If you are working long days and coming home late in the evenings, your dog may not be getting the attention and exercise that they need.


Sure, you take the time to love them when you get home, and you make sure they get outside to do their business. The question is, is that really enough? If you hired a professional dog walking service, you would know that your dog was getting walked and socialized each day. Then, you could simply focus on making your furry friend feel as loved as possible.

7. Managing Social Media Accounts

If you are an entrepreneur who doesn’t have the staff in place to take care of your important social media accounts, the task is left to you. Not only does this take up lots of your time, it can also be overwhelming if you aren’t a social media person.


If you have the funds to do so, you can hire a staff member or outside consultant to take on this task for you. Otherwise, you can use any one of a variety of apps that automates social media posting and promotion.

8. Cooking

Taking time each and every day to prepare meals for yourself and others can take a lot of time out of your day. You have to plan meals, shop for food, cook and prepare food, and then clean up afterwards. If you are somebody who enjoys cooking, this process may not seem like work to you at all. In that case, carry on and enjoy your pastime.


On the other hand, if you don’t love this task, it may be time to pass it along to somebody else. Many people are turned off by this idea, because the moment they think of this, they picture replacing home cooking with fast food. Fortunately, that is not the only option. There are many companies that offer food delivery services, and they offer fresh prepackaged meals that are nutritionally balanced and calorie conscious.

Another option to consider is the deli and hot foods section of your grocery store. There, you might find prepackaged salads, hot soups to go, sandwiches, and even entire meals packed for your convenience.

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