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A beep tone for capslock

I hate to say it, but screw that Autohotkey script I posted, the capslock onscreen indicator. A couple of beep tones may be better. You could try this:

- press the Win key
- type “ease of access”
- scroll down to the heading “make the keyboard easier to use”
- put a checkmark next to ‘Turn on Toggle keys’

A low pitched beep means capslock is off. A higher beep means it’s on.

This feature is present in the Creators Update. I don’t know if it was there earlier, nor if it will be there, come the next big release. Or come tomorrow. ; )

Had to add this. I have this little Acer 2in1, and the capslock indicator is practically essential for me. The keys are small and cramped and my hands get clumsy around such layouts. And the placement of keys, their sizes in relation to each other, the setup throws me off, when there’s a real keyboard just next door, a nice MS thing, but it’s tied to my main computer. I have to get a kb for the 2in1.


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