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At least, it is about what the developers think should be public radio. The app itself is really quite simple, and is a joy to use. Simply download the free app (it’s name is Anchor, link below), create an account, and start sharing!

The whole app is centered around the idea of Public Radio/Podcasting with a community. The user can either post an individual audio recording of themselves, or reply in audio form to one of numerous other posts. The user can also follow others users they find interesting! Overall the app is fun to use, and the user-base seems well mannered and polite. I personally like the spin of verbal comments and “posts”, it makes for an interesting app.


I recently responded to the creator when she posted an Anchor about lifehacks (with a plug for of course). It felt really nice to be included in a conversation with people you have never met, but share your same interests. So download it to day and test it out! I enjoy using it and cannot wait to see what the future brings.


Follow me on there if you want to haha. I’d love to have more people listen to my tech news ramblings.




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