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A Delightful Obsession With Timers

I dare say, I have an obsession with timers. My battle cry is — I want to produce, so I bring out a timer to use.

Our generation is a time-conscious one. We hate people who are perennially late. We say, "please don't waste my time". Because if they're late, the time lost could have been used for working on administrative tasks; used in meetings with business associates, or for serving customers. Truly, time is gold. We should maximize it.


That's a simplistic way of illustrating the importance of time. We all know we can never bring back time that has passed, so we better learn how to use it wisely. That's where timers come in handy. As for me, I use timers all the time. When I go for a walk, I use a timer. When I boil water (since I write while heating) I employ a timer. I will have to elaborate — When I write, I lost track of time. Frequently. when I finally remember I was boiling water, there's nothing left in my pot. This is a perfect illustration of lost time, lost money, and lost energy.

Luckily, a timer is nearby to rescue me. So I always have a timer in my pocket, so to speak. When I take power naps, I keep track of the passing minutes with a timer, too. I set it to 20 minutes 'cause that's how long it should take to do this energy boosting break.

Timers are invaluable to me. I use it when I go to the mall. I don't want to waste a lot of time wandering around, when in my home office there are articles waiting for me to breath life into. Talking about timers, since I'm in front of my laptop most of the time, I'm a professional blogger, if I have not mentioned it earlier, this online timer is the best productivity tool I have at the moment. It helps me track time easily and facilitates my writing.

I'll be honest, without this tool, I'll be spending voluminous time without completing any task. Right now my favorite online timer is the one helping me with pressing writing deadlines.


Ooops! My timer just went off. I need to wrap things up and click publish. Till next time Lifehackers.:)

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