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It seems Apple isn’t the only one not supplying an adequate charger out of the box. I have this little Moto G4 that charged oh so slowly, maybe full in say... 6 and a half hours. <—— that’s too *(&**(&* long.

I knew it was a risk, though a small one, if I used the brick that came with a Moto G5 instead. And now the G4 fast charges, too.

Maybe it’s a packaging issue. Don’t know.

Other than that, just looking out for people, wanting to say hi to whoever might still be here.

I did something I didn’t originally plan to do. I got the telco to send me the cheapest iphone they stock. It is the 6. It’s not wasted time, coz I need to know how the other half lives (or dies). Also, I want to bust the gate down on that so-called ‘walled garden’. I was just so curious to see how far I’d get. Anyway the parcel card came in the mail, so I just have to go pick it up.

Anyway, talk to you in a bit.



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