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A letter to the Loyal Readers of the Kinja-verse...

Everyone Say Hello (again) to the Grey Area...

Dear Loyal Readers of Hackerspace and indeed those of the Kinja-verse in general,


You may remember 'the grey box', 'the pending area', 'the greys of doom' (they went by many names). And they've been away for a while, at least since tiger (the latest Kinja interface), but they are making a return after some of the recent trolling problems that have been affecting the Kinja network and in particular Jezebel.

Now, if you're a known member of our society you probably won't need to worry about this too much. You will likely already be being 'followed' by you're favorite blogs on Kinja. If you're not a hot-shot of Kinja yet you may have slightly more to worry about. Take a look at Jessica Coen's explination over on Jezebel for what this means for you...

For those readers who have been around awhile, you may remember what this looked like, but here's a quick and dirty explainer: Only comments from approved commenters — those who are followed by Jezebel — will automatically be visible, There will also be a pending comment queue; comments in the pending queue are visible to readers, but only if they choose to see them. Users will have to proactively click 'see all' to know what lies beyond; there will be a clear warning that a reader is wading into wild west territory and doing so at their own risk.

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So you may want to comment somewhere on each Kinja site you frequent. Just saying that you'd like to be approved and followed. You can be saved out of the grey area, back to safety by any Admin, Author or followed user of that individual site.


I know this can be a pain, but the powers that be have decided that this is the best solution for now. It's most certainly better than a network over-run by trolls with nothing better to do.


UPDATE (8/16/14): They're here, going to the 'All replies' tab and then clicking 'Show pending' (see image below) will show the pending replies in the stream. You can find more details on the Kinja blog


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