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A New Hope (and Year) in the Friday Open Thread

A long time ago (April 15th, 2013 to be exact) in a kinja far, far away (though somehow the comments will claim more advanced than today’s kinja) there began a blog of the reader run nature. It was called Hackerspace and it was turned over to the mods that be.

Whitson Gordon was our leader from above, before the great divide that separated Hackerspace and Lifehacker. Now Whitson continued on to train new makers in the shadows, but has since disappeared (I think by this time... I scheduled this post). Gawker Media began a search for a new EIC of Lifehacker (and presumably found one).


In the long fight between cats and dogs, Andy Orin has embraced the hatred and power of the feline. In 2016 however, there shall be the rise of the puppy (seriously, I’m getting a puppy soon what do I need to know?) whose power must be trained from an early age for good. Hope is held out for our new leader to have a greater affection for the noble canine.

Both the Feline Order and the Canine Resistance are looking for new makers to join. As long as they adhere to the one true Guide and offer a sampling of their writing, they too can join Hackerspace.

Full Disclosure: I had a hard time choosing which gif to use so look for a plethora in the comments.

Try a sampling from Sara’s infographics, Elena’s parenting tips, Barbora’s content advice, and myself making furniture. Also check out this Star Wars crawl creator:

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