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Does anyone here have any ideas on what I can do with a ZTE Axon 7 (running Android 6.01) when I go to Google Photos, choose “use as” or “edit in” and get

“no apps can perform this action”

It makes no sense to me. I have a gallery app already part of the system, ready to be the default opener/editor of pics. But Photos is having none of it, unless the pic is first downloaded to my device. THEN I can use Photos to set various wallpaper and editing options. Only if the pic is in “the cloud” does the error message come up.

The problem exists on none of my other Android devices. Even my old Nexus 7 tablet knows how to behave at times like this.

I’ve been googling like I’ve rarely googled before, but the fixes I find, do not help. I’ve even tried a couple of approaches that were not aimed at my particular device, still no.

And I think, is this a Photos issue? Can’t be..? Photos works on all my other stuff.

I have used up my search terms. Now I’m just looking for help from people in my own internet neighborhood.

Anybody? Ideas? Thanks hugely much.

Btw, I have installed other photo apps onto the Axon 7, hoping that Photos would (see) one of them as a default. It doesn’t.

This isn’t a HUGE problem in my life, but it’s getting in my way, and the lack of a fix frustrates me.

Thanks again for the help.


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