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It's that time again. Time to face the bad and the good that comes from studying and classes. Luckily, you won't be doing it alone; your peers will be there to suffer through it with you, but hopefully this little tidbit will give you some encouragement to start your new school year out with vigor.

As you overcome educational and social hurdles, all the while trying to keep your own sanity intact, do recognize and acknowledge the facts. Yes, it's strenuous to be a student. Yes, there are obviously other difficult things in life, and other people will tell you that you're lucky to be in school instead of at their job or homeless or whatever else. These are equally correct, so neither should be disregarded. Let's concentrate on the student part for now.


There will be easier course work, and there will be more troublesome work that you need to do. If there's anything you glean from this, I hope it is that you needn't change who you are in order to facilitate the difficult work. You'll only end up stressing yourself out. I hate Physics, but I need just one more quarter of it and I can move on to more relevant classes to my Computer Science major. Don't give up on it because it's difficult, but also don't beat yourself up if you find you have a weakness in certain subjects or course matter.

Too often we expect too much of ourselves. Having high expectations is not what I'm talking about here; I mean the process of shaming ourselves for simply being human and having weaknesses. There is a quote that is sometimes [incorrectly?] attributed to Einstein... "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

A personal story somewhat relevant to that quote... in high school, all of my friends were planning to go into medical school or become doctors and such. Subsequently, all of the teachers seemed to urge this from everyone, as well as the curriculum... the only computer training we got was a single class taught by the librarian of mostly how to use Microsoft Office programs. Because I'm interested in Computer Science and nothing medical, everyone basically assumed I'd amount to nothing. Not that I'm some fantastic and egotistical mastermind or anything, but once I left that school I graduated with honors getting my Associate's degree in Computer Science, and entered university with a scholarship from the get-go. An Associate's degree isn't the hardest to achieve by far, so I know my place in the world right now... but still, my place isn't what they thought it would be.


As a student, you need to recognize that once you're in your element, nobody can stop you. They'll try to tell you that you're not good enough. They'll try to turn you into something that is not good enough, because of simply being something you aren't wired to be. Don't let them. You need to follow your goals and knock down anyone in your path that tries to superimpose their dominance over you. This means that one teacher who constantly makes remarks about how nobody will pass the class. You will pass it and get through it, or you won't; and you'll find a better teacher next time and then get around that complication. Don't give up and let that scumbag be right.

The main point I would like to state in this is simply: keep going, because you've got to prove people like that wrong.


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