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Talking about productivity and organizing your memo notes effectively, I need to introduce you to a new tool today. But before that, I want to tell you something first. Today, there is a wide array of tools you can use to organize your memo notes and generally work notes.


However, in order to properly choose the one that will perfectly fit you and your needs, you have to take into account your personality, your work style (how you actually work). All of us are unique individuals, we have a very specific distinctive style of working. And because we have distinct styles, choosing the tools most appropriate for the kind of styles we have and the unique tasks we do is daunting, to say the least. Actually, it’s very complicated.

The fact of the matter is the tool that you’ll choose can make or break your performance. And this is why we’re talking about this new tool.

A new startup, has come up with a superb product that can help you become a genuine productivity rockstar. A real one.... nothing more, nothing less.


I’ll be bold and say — this product can take you to a level you’ve never reach before with regards to your productivity. So, without further ado -

Let me introduce to you, The Movers. They come in the form of the mover pad and the mover book.


What are Movers, anyway?

A mover is magnetic memo brick. It’s basically a memo pad with a casing. They are refillable containers filled up with paper which you may call memo refill. They are with a magnetized design so you can attach them to your laptop, or your desktop. And when you’re done with your note taking or work, you can detach them and put them inside your bag.


Look below to see a photo of the movers:


Now, why does the Bravestorming team promoting a product that uses old school memo notes when we are now living in the digital era? (You’ll see why below but first you may want to know’s story.) 

Here’s why. According to many recognized studies, writing notes using pen and paper facilitates the process of thinking. Taking that piece of info based on those studies, the Bravestorming team came up with a product that will allow users to write on a memo pad like what we used to do way back when the Internet and using digital gadgets were not the norm.


Like what I mentioned earlier, multiple studies have proven the many benefits of taking notes on paper. Here’s what you need to pay attention to: the benefits go beyond the pleasurable feeling of a pen gliding across a paper pad.

Let’s look at what a proponent of taking notes the traditional way: with a pen and paper says.


William Klemm suggests that as we learn how to write, the brain receives feedback from this specific action and engage parts of it to control each stroke and their relation to other letters, focus on size and letterforms of each letter, and remember and categorise each letter and word[1] .


Let’s talk about the benefits:

  • It’s portable

You can attach it to your laptop or your desktop PC for easy access and for constant viewing while working. To me, this feature is the best. I love seeing my notes all the time so when I need to be reminded of a certain detail, a specific bit of information, it’s just there in front of me. I don’t have to grab my bag to get a notebook or I don’t need to open a memo pad or a notepad. It’s there. Always ready for me.

  • You can move individual note cases

It’s really interesting. It’s a nice feature for a planner because you can move individual note cases. You can arrange them any way you want. You can arrange them in such a way that the most important ones are put on top of the group. This way, you can be reminded that these are the priority notes. Cool, right?

  • From analog to digital and vice versa

Lots of people still love taking down notes on paper (I’m one) but at the same time, they also love using digital gadgets for certain activities or tasks. Let’s say, you’re writing down notes at home when you are cooling down for the day. You sit down at your laptop and in front of you is a disorganized group of notes. You can check your notes — your movers and you can start organizing them and then you can begin recording your notes on your laptop. This is not only to have aback up a copy of your notes but also to organize them even more.



With the movers, you can move things around. From your physical notes — your movers to your laptop. Or you can transfer notes from your tab or your laptop to your movers. To me that’s invaluable.


Some students say, “It’s nice because it’s paper but you can also move it around too.”

  • They are color coded

The movers are color coded. You can organize notes logically, from the most important ones, urgent ones, the ones which can wait for a little, etc.


Once notes are written down, they are not set on stone. You can still replace notes which have been recorded wrongly. You just pill off the wrong ones and replace them with new correct ones.

The feature I really like about is they are movable. There are 4 sizes of movers. You can move them around — plus it’s a sticky note. So if you want to remind yourself about something, you can peel the particular note off. That way if you think that you need to stick it somewhere you need to see regularly, you can do so.

  • Press and stand up feature

Let me enumerate the reasons for this feature:

  1. For easy pick-up — You can easily pick up a certain container if it’s time to refill it or you need to peel off the topmost note, just press on the left portion of the container and the right side of the container lifts up for easy handling anytime.
  2. Also, you can use this feature when you need to reposition notes.
  • They are flexible When you snap it on your screen, your notes are always in sight. You can brainstorm block by block. When brainstorming ideas, you can move the cases around. This way, when you need to arrange notes logically, you can readily do it anytime.
  • They are customizableYou can create your own system for your memo papers. You can decide how you will arrange your notes any which way you want. This is where the individual preferences that I talked about earlier come in. If you want to arrange them in such a way that the most important ones appear above, you can do that. To further illustrate this, at the topmost portion of the movers, you have your main topics. Below them will be the sub-topics. And below sub-topics are the notes supporting each sub-topic.


[1] Klemm, William R., Ph.D. “Why Writing by Hand Could Make You Smarter.”

Psychology Today. Psychology Today, 14 Mar. 2014. Web. 30 Apr. 2015.

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