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Add Hackerspace to Your RSS Feeds for User Driven Awesomeness

We all love Lifehacker. And now there's a new outlet for the commenters called Hackerspace. While only approved users can post directly to the site, everyone can contribute via comments (enough of a comment base and you may just get promoted to full author). Hop aboard as we launch this rocket!

We don't want to leave anyone out! We'll be hosting open threads a few times a week where everyone can make their voice heard. For the latest, just head over to the tag here:…


Follow us/you! At the bottom of the page, you can find the RSS feed for Hackerspace, it's a no-holds, full text feed (no need for the old VIP designation). Get in on the action! You know what's really exciting? Seeing your own words pop up on your RSS reader. Just awesome. Here's the link:

Get famous! In addition to being a great place to share ideas and hacks, some posts will inevitably be re-shared by Lifehacker. This means you just might have a chance to drop some knowledge on the broader audience there.

Interested in becoming an author? Keep commenting/sharing! Maybe drop a hint that you might want to expand something into a full post... We have user admins to keep an eye out for talent both here on Hackerspace and on Lifehacker, but we are not employees and actually have day jobs.

Image: Wiki Commons

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