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Adding Comfort And Smartness To Your Home With Automatic Curtains

Wondering what the latest buzz surrounding automatic blinds is all about? We’ve got you covered.

Automatic Z-wave blinds and shades can be programmed to open and close at specific intervals of the day. They offer increased control and connectivity, resulting in better convenience and utility. They can be controlled using a remote, or even connect directly to a Z-wave smart hub to be controlled by your phone or voice commands (with a voice assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa). Installing motorized curtains in your home can also help you regulate the indoor heat and also slash electricity bills to quite an extent.

There are a myriad of benefits that you can enjoy by equipping your house with smart shades, such as:

Utmost comfort

Automatic window blinds can be controlled with the tap of a switch or a button, or even a phone app. So even if you are at home reading a nice book or sleeping throughout the day, you don’t have to go out of your way to close or open all your blinds one by one. You can sit and relax, and with the swipe of a button your motorized blinds will carry out your command effectively.


Optimizes energy usage

Connecting motorized blinds to your house can help you to minimize the amount of energy utilization of your HVAC system. When connected to your smart home system, you can automate them to close during the hottest interval of the day or to open during a sunny day in the winters to reduce the HVAC consumption.

Build a smart home

A smart home is often built so that energy efficiency, comfort, andconvenience are the topmost priorities. Smart shades and blinds become a crucial part of the smart home as they allow you to adjust the atmosphere,light, temperature, and overall comfort of any room in the house. Combine them with a thermostat to adjust the windows in a room if it is getting too hot, or simply have them open up during the morning to wake you up, for example.


Smart usage of lighting

If you can light your room using natural light from the mighty sun, it is always a better option than artificial lighting. Natural light improves your mood, the atmosphere, and keeps a room from feeling too stuffy. Not to mention, it helps save energy as you don’t have the lights on all the time.


Ensures safety

Every parent goes out of their way when remodeling their house so that the safety of their children is never compromised. When each and every appliance and equipment come in a cordless variant, you should enjoy the benefit of cordless and automatic curtains as well. Automated shades have no lift cords which makes them child and pet safe.


Protects your furniture

Do you know the sun shining intensely for a prolonged duration can actually ruin the vibrant colors of your furniture? With your automated blinds knowing when to shut off, you can reduce fading by having them close when the sun is especially strong.


Now that you know about all the benefits of installing automatic curtains, it’s time to make them an essential part of your smart home.

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