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AHK Workspaces - Window Management AutoHotkey Script

Are there certain Workspaces, or groups of windows (applications, file folders, etc.), that you have to open and arrange in a specific way every time you do certain tasks? It can be time consuming if you do this manually. And if you pivot between various tasks and workspaces frequently throughout the day, that time adds up. That’s why Maestrith and I came up with this AHK Workspaces script.

With this Workspaces script, you can launch, bring into focus, and arrange any Workspace (combination of applications, windows, or file folders) with a single hotkey combination. Then with that same hotkey combination, you can hide or close those windows so you can focus on something else.

I’ve been using this every time I boot up my PC for over a year now. It’s really a game changer if you need to pivot between tasks and workspaces all throughout the day.

Big thanks to Maestrith for his work on this!

AutoHotkey Script (via AutoHotkey Forums) »

And here’s a really, really long video demo of it here if you’re interested.

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