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An Open Thread Without a Reason.

Ok whoever’s left around here, who hasn’t yet skulked off and is thus worth a damn ... a late merry Christmas, and whatever orgy-like rituals you save for this time of year <—— may those go well, too. I guess.

Life gets short, friends get few.
Tell me, where TF are you?

I am thinking of going to church, just because I have friends there. But I can’t because I’m not a believer, and to go to church under false pretenses, well that just makes me loathe myself.

Trying to keep things honest. I have to tell you, my friends, honesty can be a cold gritty place without consolations. However, I feel that a world of lies and escapisms has made me shocked whenever someone would come along and point out truths. This truth. That truth. All sorts of truths that don’t flatter.

Oh well... I got that out of the way. Me and one of my born-again-Christian sisters aren’t speaking. I’m pissed at her and hubby... They talked the talk about family getting together, but when it came to holiday times, there seemed to be excuses about there being “no room” or “too busy”.

I hate hypocrites. I hate them even more if they’re relatives.

I think I just imagined/assumed some kind of happy family gatherings spread through the year. But those are fictions, too, I suppose.

You may not like all this text. But consider it your punishment for leaving me here with this monolog. haha.

On things better. I’m waiting for a Nixon watch to turn up from Amazon. They say it will be here tomorrow. That would be great if so; I’d like to wear it for a new year’s eve event. I’ve been asked to lend some tunes to one of our classier restaurants in town. So that’s ok. It would be ok-er if the watch came on time.

It’s all gold, but isn’t gold. I don’t care. It looks so damn good to my eyes.

So now I’m done, more or less
speaking of this and that.
Post a comment, post a pic,
even if it’s one more cat! : )



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