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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.

Android Gallery App - Error Message - A (kindof) Fix

I was looking for help with an Android error message saying something about there being "no external storage", after I cleared the cache on my Nex7.

Btw I can't believe this problem is still kicking around in 2014, what with KK and updates since. I see in searches that the problem goes back for several years. And the solutions posed have ranged from the workable (reboot) to flashing a new rom (absurd overkill), to factory-resetting your device (*more* absurd overkill). And why is it that people can be this deep into their Android gear, and still be stupid when posing solutions like these on forums??

Only one fix was quick and easy, though absurd in its own way. I force-killed all the Google services that were going, and started Gallery again. Fixed.

Now... I wonder if this sort of thing will be gone by Android L. I'll bet not.

PS: I hope they don't call it "Lamington". Aside from sounding lame, it sounds a little like lemming, too.


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