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Android (Root): Always Have the Latest TWRP Recovery With TWRP Manager

If you have an Android device, and like to flash custom ROMs, or Kernels, then you probably also use a custom recovery. The two big ones are CWM (Clockwork Mod) and TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project). And if TWRP is your recovery of choice, you can use the TWRP Manager app from the Playstore (requires root) to stay up to date on the latest version.

The app is not created by Team Win, but it does seem to be endorsed by them, since there's a link for it on the Nexus 9 TWRP thread on XDA. The app requires root, but if you're flashing custom ROMs, you probably already have that.


If you have a Nexus 9, you may have noticed all the devs recommending you make sure to have the latest TWRP recovery, with no mention of CWM. That's because the Nexus 9 doesn't appear on the list of supported devices for CWM, but it is supported by TWRP.

The TWRP Manager app lets you flash the latest version of the recovery without rebooting into recovery. And there are also in-app payment options to remove ads ($0.99) and do live backups ($2.99), which means you can run a Nandroid backup without booting into recovery. There's also an in-app purchase for "All above and future additions" for $2.99 that in retrospect is the one I should have bought, but oh well, I'm happy to give them my $4, and possibly more if they add more premium options down the road. The menu options also provide reboot options if you want to reboot to Recovery or Bootloader. The app will only work with devices supported by Team Win, and you can find that list on their site.

When you use it to install TWRP, it will ask you to verify that the partition listed below is the correct one for your device, and warns that if it's wrong you could brick your device. I just took a chance and went ahead and confirmed without checking on both my Nexus 9 & 5 and it worked out fine, but I'd recommend checking first to be safe. The image below was from my Nexus 7 (2012).


Based on the site of the app developer, JMZ Software, the app has been around since May 0f 2014, so it's not exactly new, but it's new to me, so I wanted to share it here for anyone else who hasn't happened upon it through the XDA thread.


Update: based on this Android Police article, it may not have been fully available on the Play Store as early as May 2014, but the main point is the app had been around for a lot longer than last night when I discovered it.


As for how I learned about it, when I attempted to flash a new ROM (Liquid Smooth) on my Nexus 9, it came to my attention that I wasn't on the latest version of TWRP (because of an error that the ROM was for Flounder and my device was Voltanis). When I went to the TWRP thread, there was a link for this app, TWRP Manager, so it seems Team Win endorses it. And once I used it to flash the latest recovery, I was able to successfully install the ROM (as well as the recommended Fire & Ice Kernel), and enjoy the goodness of 5.0.2 with the extras you don't get with stock (mostly cosmetic changes like text battery and centered clock with the date, but things that I've grown accustomed to).

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