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Build. Hack. Play. It's just what we do.
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A wise man once said that android homescreens are best kept neat and tidy. Everything, after all, is just an Application menu button press away. Widgets provide a window into apps that you might not want to open every time to see what's going on. However, this poses a new problem, clutter vs functionality. Those who use a variety of apps to consume music/media have to decide upon a balance. I haven't found a perfect solution...


Here's my phone's audio setup:

  • Audiobooks: Audible
  • Streamed random music: 8 Tracks
  • Podcasts: Doggcatcher
  • My music: Google Music
  • Morning Radio/Sportscasts: Tunein Radio

Generally, I keep a 3 home-screen maximum:

  • Main - Clean. clock widget & battery circle widget.
  • Left - Okay. Feedly widget, Google Keep/Tasks.
  • Right - Ugly. Media widgets and some app folders.

Question for the community:

What do you do? I know I'm not alone here... Do you forgo media widgets and just open the apps up whenever needed? Have a relegated "ugly screen" with a bunch of widgets? Something awesome with Tasker?


Image: huh989

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