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Welcome to the open thread for Hackerspace, brought to you by our friends (we really don’t have friends, but we pretend) at Lifehacker and Supreme Chancellor Andy O. In this thread, we talk about all those things we do. Or things we don’t do. Or things we kinda do, but really not that well. Or we just talk. Something like that.

This week, Elena gave us her tips for healthy eating. She also gave us tips on creative writing for our blogs. Elena does most of the great articles around here. She’s well appreciated by the Hackerspace staff for her contributions. Thanks, Elena!


We had some other contributions this week, as well. Moon gave us more tips and tricks for using Google Photos on Windows.

A newcomer to our band of writers, CaseyKurlander, put together something for us. She Titled it: How to Know If Joining a Startup Is Right for You. She’s got a resume behind her, but let’s do our best to make her feel welcome here.

So, what are you crazy cats up to this weekend? Any projects planned? Any trips to local eateries? I might be visiting a friend to say ‘hi’, as she just had a baby last night! So exciting! I love babies. They are just so dang cute and cuddly.

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