Good morning friends, neighbors, and others! Welcome to this week’s open thread brought to you by Hackerspace and those lovely folks at Lifehacker who still haven’t invited me to their Christmas or New Year’s parties.

I’m a fun guy! I swear!

This week on Hackerspace, Elena gave us some tips on how to safely browse the internet. I heard Al Gore made the internet. I believe it.

Sara, Queen of Graphs & Charts, an official cabinet position I have granted her, shared a small essay and visual tool on how to deal with negative feedback. Sara has an understanding that visual is easy to understand for people. Good stuff.

This weekend, the kids are going to grandma’s house so we can wrap and hide gifts, the Elf On The Shelf is coming out for the holidays, and the decoration boxes and tree will be put up.


What are you up to this weekend, Hack-a-teers? Projects? Cleaning? Sanding down the front porch rails to repaint them (this is on my list for the weekend after that)?