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This is my latest try at a home screen. I'm caught in a sort of trap. The more progress I think I'm making, the more I pick at it, and the less I use my tablet for other stuff.

I've seen some nice Android screens. I wanted something that pleased my eyes and was usable, yet something that others wouldn't puke over either.

I'm using Apex for a Launcher. Almost all the icons came from scrounging google images, same for the wallpaper. I should have made notes as to where I found everything, but the search was long and the links were many. That would make a strong case for using Google Keep or Evernote or something. But I didn't.

I began all this with three or four 'action' icons. All were later replaced with gestures.

Double-tap on screen = google voice search

Long press on screen = Apex's quick menu

Swipe up on screen = status bar, swipe up again = none

Swipe down on screen = dock, swipe up again = none

Home key tap = quick menu again (I did this for in case I locked the desktop)

Pinch = screens preview, the reverse = zoom out again.

More to do, though I don't know what. It's all very minimal. I realized that not having enough apps installed can have a down side—needing to have enough worthy things to put on the screen without clogging it up.

There is a second home screen that I reserved for things I use less often. So far, only Slider Widget is there. Nothing to see there, except the widget and the same wallpaper.

Btw, I use 'Simple Image Wallpaper Free' for live wallpaper—said to suck battery but this particular app uses hardly a trickle. Even if it took up more, it would *still* be worth keeping it installed imo.

All the papers I have to pick from are 800x1280, portrait-only, so as to fit snugly on a Nex7 (2012). I didn't want any slack black margins.

The wifi toggle widget was hard to place with other icons. So I gave up. It has a shape and size that I couldn't reduce any further, but maybe I'll figure out something.

That's about it, except for the latest screenshot.


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